Why Plastic Surgery can be a complex solution?

David Kipre


Everyone knows or has heard of surgery, but who really knows what it is for? Have you ever heard of cleft lip and palate or other diseases related to deformity? Well, you will be surprised to learn that aesthetic surgery was originally designed for these types of cases. Today’s society has literally hijacked this practice to make it another beauty tool in its makeup bag.

In short, it does not cause any concern, everyone has his body as he wants. But we can see that some people condemn this act pronouncing the injustice related to the waste of resources as they say. A study made by the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery (ISAPS) revealed that the gender or if you prefer the sex that does the most surgery is women with 87.4% or 20,330,465 interventions for 12.6% in men or 2,935,909 interventions.

 This is huge, isn’t it! The question then arises why so many interventions when a quarter of these interventions in the female gender is used just for cases of real problems such as deformities like the case of the harelip or other diseases related to the skin. Let’s take a look at this in more detail, i.e. the reasons, the cost and its real impact on society.

The most recent international study shows that the popularity of cosmetic surgery continues to increase worldwide (indexsante.ca)


Did you know that 75% of women hate to hear the word “old”? it sounds like a grenade launched near a minefield, it’s devastating. Without thinking too much, they immediately think of surgery to do a face lift, buttocks, Colombian and sometimes even Moroccan.  The always look young, it is in fact that the key point.

But should we judge them or point the finger for that? An Ivorian television channel (nci) has invited on its set an influencer named Ds Collections. Known for her multiple cosmetic surgeries, she says she did it to be young and always attract and asserts these curves. Indeed Ds claims not to care what others say. We had to do a survey on the issue with men and guess what? Nearly 70% of them were not against the fact that their congenital is operated, they even said in their words that it increases the excitement.


3500$ for a rhinoplasty, 5000$ for a blepharoplasty, these are the prices we had to find from doctors, however it is only a kind of price base, often in ultra modern and well equipped clinics a simple operation can take you not less than 20.000$. Maybe that’s why most people cry horror when it comes to surgery.

Nevertheless, always ask the advice of your consulting physician, it would be just as well to be careful with fake doctors who can leave you with serious after-effects by their operation. A bit like Michel Maure who pretended to be a surgeon and performed and failed 96 operations.


Whether we like it or not, surgery remains a field that helps enormously, if we take the case of developing countries where the fact of being born with an anomaly on the body can be a sign of rejection, we have a surgery that passes as the messiah of the situation and that helps because in most cases we have NGOs that give the chance to those who can not afford operations that radically change their lives. Not only that, surgery is a strong pillar of the economy of some great powers such as the USA, CHINA, ENGLAND.

If we want to see the dark side, we can see that surgery through some of the influencers shows a bad side of the thing. A star who has had a nose job just because he or she has enough to do so, also makes thousands of children want to reproduce the same thing, all this to end up in a fair of transformation of people

     In short, cosmetic surgery in itself is not bad, because its final goal was the beautification of the female gender. But we have to admit that this practice is more dangerous than we are led to believe. How are we going to stop the consequences of this practice knowing that it takes a very important place in the world? Thank you for sharing with us your opinion on the subject to find a more precise answer.

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