What’s Become of the Black Lives Matter Movement?

David Kipre


Eric Gamer, Jonathan Ferrel, John Crawford, Ezell Ford, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, and George Floyd, these people are the ones who opened the eyes of the rest of the world to what was happening in the U.S., a collective openness that gave life to a movement never seen before; BLACK LIVES MATER. In May 2020, this phenomenon took on a very important resonance, going beyond the borders. But what has become of it in the year 2022?

I-The movement that shook the world

The day Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi created this movement, they did not expect it to go around the world. Support from all countries, continents, and races that helped make things happen. “BLACK LIVES MATTER, after 7 years is now truly in the DNA and memory of this country” Garza declared. From the United Nations to the decisions made by President J. Biden, or the adoption of the police reform called: “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” which provides for a ban on strangulation, limiting the transfer of military equipment to law enforcement and the creation of a registry of police officers dismissed by abuse, this movement born in 2013, has been able to make a difference vis-a-vis past protests.

II-The repercussions of this crisis

All over the world, the old statues of colonists or slave sellers have been controversial. Some were in favor of removing them because they were considered insulting to the black community, others were in favor of keeping them because they considered it necessary to know the history of the African people. Let us note the case of the status of Paul Kruger in Pretoria, the statue of Leopold II, there is also the case of the statue of this other slave trader that is Edward Colston in Bridgeton in England or that of Cecil Rhodes in Oxford. The statue of Edward Colston was taken down and thrown into the docks, the people who had committed this act were arrested and tried but acquitted by a jury. Subsequently, a reduction in the police budget of 30 million dollars was demanded by the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. An operation that has not left indifferent the elements of the police.

III-The BLACK LIVES MATTER movement in 2022

In the past, the movement that we have known in 2020, far from having disappeared for lack of media coverage, is still present, it lives in the hearts and souls of every citizen of this planet and every person who has marched to make his voice heard. This is the case for some activists like Nadine Seiler who decided with other activists to preserve the art of the movement. “I saw objects falling to the ground or being taken away by people, so I decided with other people to organize this space and put things back on the grid,” explains Nadine Seiler. Once all the documents are recovered, they will digitize them and probably donate them this fall to interested associations, museums or businesses. We have the graphic representation of the artist Kadir Nelson who made a work in which the body of George Floyd contains the faces of other victims of recent years and the history of violence that took place in the United States.

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