The Truth Story Behing Will Smith’s Smack



This is the moment that everyone has been talking about for a while, somehow drowning out the rest of the Oscars ceremony and its prize list. We are talking about the blow that Will Smith inflicted on Chris Rock.

Indeed, joking about the shaved head of Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of Will Smith, suffering from alopecia (an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss), Chris Rock caused a strong anger of the actor. As we can see on the images and videos that are looped, he got up to slap the comedian, before sitting down again and swearing at him.

After a brief moment of stupefaction, not knowing if it was a sketch or a real altercation between the two men, the audience realized that it was indeed a real anger blow from Will Smith. The reactions were numerous, giving rise to comments and various analyses.

But what’s behind this beating of Will Smith towards Chris Rock? And if a more ancient quarrel between the two celebrities, was behind this brawl?

1. Will Smith Vs Chris Rock in 2016

If Chris Rock’s joke is at the origin of Will Smith’s outburst, some think that this anger could have also been caused, or amplified, by an old dispute between the two men.

As recalled by various sources, including the American site People, Will Smith was already on the outs with Chris Rock because of a previous joke that he had not appreciated. Indeed, in 2016, Rock had made a quip about the boycott of the Oscars by Will Smith and his wife because of the absence of black actors among the nominees. 

“Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. Except I wasn’t invited!” Chris Rock launched. According to People, the couple would never have digested this joke.

2. Will Smith was trying to save his marriage at all costs?

Something else that would have aroused the anger of the actor could be the former affair of his wife with the American rapper August Alsina.

It all started on June 30, 2020, when rapper August Alsina claimed to have had an adulterous affair with Jada Pinkett Smith. Just a few days later, on his show ‘Red Table Talk’, Will Smith’s wife confessed everything in a hard-hitting confrontation with her man about monogamy.

“Over time, I got into a different kind of affair with August,” she recounted live. It was a relationship. I was in a lot of pain; I was really broken. I just wanted to feel good. I hadn’t felt good for so long…” Jada said.

3. Will Smith would be under ” some pressure “

If the star couple has since forgiven each other, Will Smith would still feel a “certain pressure” to forgive this infidelity as we learn from a source close to the couple in the American media People.

It should also be noted that Will Smith does not seem to be at the top of his (mental) form. He has already opened up several times in recent years, about a particularly difficult experience of his youth. He still blames the child he was, who could not defend his mother from his violent father. The information does not justify anything, but it gives a clue to explain not only the gesture (of overcompensation) but also the speech that followed when he won the Oscar for best actor.

So many reasons that make us believe that Chris Rock’s joke about Will Smith’s wife at the Oscar ceremony was just the last drop that made the vase overflow.

4-Jada would not be “angry” with Will Smith

Besides her laughable reaction at the ceremony and which raises questions or her furtive reaction on Instagram, Will Smith’s wife has never really expressed herself on the affair of the slap.

Until today, at least through one of her relatives who confided in the American magazine “Us Weekly”. According to him, Jada Pinkett Smith would “not be angry with Will Smith”, even if she would have wished that the actor did not physically attack Chris Rock.

Another source assures US Weekly that this media scandal has not affected their couple, who still love each other.

“They are still together against all odds,” says this source. They have been through a lot together and this is just another battle for them” said the source.

Recall that Will Smith after the blow, then went back on stage to get the first Oscar of his career, for his performance in the film “The Williams Method.”

He then said a few words of perspective: “In this business, some people will disrespect you and you have to smile and act like it’s normal. Denzel Washington just said to me, ‘beware the devil always comes in moments of triumph’.”

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