The Chambers of Trades and Crafts (CMA)



1. Who are they?

Created in 1925 by the Broker law, the Chambers of Trades and Crafts (CMA) are now located throughout France and have more than a hundred establishments.

The chambers of trades and crafts, public establishments of the State, represent and defend the general interests of craftsmen in the department and are placed under the supervision of the regional prefecture. At the national level, they are represented by a national public institution: CMA France.

The trades sector is placed under the responsibility of the ministry in charge of crafts. It has an administrative tool, the Directorate General for Enterprises (DGE).

CMA France is the national public establishment bringing together chambers of trades and crafts, supervised by the ministry responsible for crafts. It is made up of the presidents of the chambers of trades and crafts representing the regions and departments. CMA France is the partner of professional organizations in the sector and the interlocutor of national and European public authorities.

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