Quebec Is Recruiting : This is the steps to process

David Kipre


20 million dollars have been released to attract immigrants in order to facilitate their full participation in the Quebec nation in French, announced Minister Nadine Girault. In this article you will have all the information to maximize your chances to be chosen and to benefit from this program whatever your profile.

Before giving you all the information in a simple and efficient way, you must absolutely know that this program is only for Quebec.

Once you have this information, we can begin.

The access to the registrations is through Arrima.

ARRIMA in a few words is like your mailbox in relation with Quebec. It allows you to know the needs of the job market in Quebec, but not only! You will also find a special program for student immigration, refugees, companies and others. Since it is a governmental site it is 100% safe. Don’t worry we will provide you with all the information for these programs and more in our next articles.

Here is the program:

  • Creation of an account arrima account
  • Choice of program
  • Creation of requested files for your profile
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Let’s get started. Click on (ARRIMA) to have direct access to the online platform

Click on ARRIMA
ARRIMA Web site

Click on “access Arrima” and we will be able to access the rest.

Normally you will arrive at this second step which is displayed just below.

create your account
Step for open an account

As it says, you have to create your account and to do so click on “to use ARRIMA online services”. This will send you to a page

create an account
create an account

You can easily create your account by clicking on “create an account”.

Once done, this page will normally open

inscription section

You will type in your email and then a verification code will be sent to you to continue the process.

code de verification de l'adresse
code de verification de l’adresse

After typing your email and password, you can check your mailbox to get your code and type it in the appropriate part of the site

typing your email and password
Create an account
Create your Profil
Create your Profil

Once the code is in place, validate the “register” button which will be in blue. This means that you can register.

Once validated you will be able to choose the profile you want. In our case we will choose the individual profile and put in the information you need. Make sure you enter the information that is in your passport because it is very important.

Fill out your information
Fill out your information

The next step is the conditions which I will let you read for yourself. You need to read it and see if it is relevant to what you are looking for.

Thereafter you will type your personal information NAME, FIRST NAME, DATE OF BIRTH …

To then go to the coordinates.

For the second part, that is to say the coordinates. If you have no office number, you can just put your phone number and this will be good.

final registration result
Final registration result

      If you do it right, you will normally register for this course and it will be good for the registration on Arrima.

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