Prostitution – Important Information To Have

David Kipre


I. The roots

Prostitution is the act of engaging in a sexual practice or activity in exchange for payment. It is sometimes euphemistically referred to as “the world’s oldest profession”. A person who works in this field is called a prostitute or in a vulgar way “whore”. Here in this article, you will have a brief history of this profession, its evolution, the motivations of those who give themselves to it, a testimony.

To know the essence of this practice you must know that it has origins as old as the world and it is surely for nothing that it is called the oldest profession in the world (expression is signed Rudyard Kipling dating from 1888). For this purpose, let’s go back to the Greco-Roman antiquity, even in more remote times, in this era we spoke of sacred prostitution because it was considered a religious practice without any payment. And it was not long before it became a business with the appearance of brothels, establishments specifically dedicated to prostitution. Next to these houses, which are becoming more and more rare, we have the call-girls who are more discreet and hidden from the general public. Another form of prostitution that is much more common nowadays is street prostitution.

In parallel with prostitution, other practices such as pornography, striptease and erotic dance have emerged in the sex industry.

II. Motivations or causes

Inevitably, we have two major causes that drive these girls of all ages into this activity. First of all, poverty, the majority of sex workers mention this reason, which is replaced by other reasons such as (the high cost of living, the lack of means to survive and provide for the needs of relatives, loneliness, etc.). And the second cause refers to psychological and moral factors, and yes some of these girls get into it either to satisfy their exacerbation of sexual desire or they are too lazy to do an honest job and prefer to offer themselves without restraint. And this taste for the easy life is what embraces more our young sisters. And it is this very case that led most of them to ambition of excessive desires that led them to Dubai in this case of Dubai PORTA PORTTY. Link to the article

In order to understand their motivations, here is a testimony from an Ivorian sister that we were able to collect. To protect her anonymity, you will understand that we will not mention her name. For this purpose, we will name her Carla.

Carla has spent more than three years in the field. Married for a few years already with 6 mouths to feed in addition to an extremely sick and bedridden husband and not having a job with a substantial salary. She had to start her own business in spite of herself after a friend’s recommendation. Reluctant at the first attempts “the first time in front of the customer I burst into tears and having pity on me he let me go with a tip and it was the same the second time” she said. She was finally forced by the eviction notice to move out of her apartment. And for her first week she had enough to pay her arrears but still not enough to survive on a daily basis. And that’s how she spent three years as a call girl with all the inherent health, safety and psychological risks. And this under the ill-intentioned gaze of her relatives. It is only thanks to the action of a charitable NGO that she was able to get out of this infernal circle.

Nevertheless, there are still about 42 million prostitutes active in the world, most of them living in Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa, which are developing countries. But thanks to the kindness of most of them, campaigns and actions have been launched. This is the case of the African Network against Prostitution (R. PROST-AFRICA) which aims at fighting against prostitution in general and in schools in particular. And while there are a number of criminal justice interventions and collaborative programs that combat prostitution in many countries, some countries have regulated this profession, such as Germany, Spain, Austria and Belgium, among others.

In short, you will have understood that the life path of prostitutes is a path that is often misunderstood. If it is true that many women prostitute themselves out of desperation or under duress, there are also many who do so by choice and that despite these risks, many women continue to choose prostitution as a way of life because it is a way to earn a living while keeping some control over their own lives.

Meta : From their origins and following their evolution, you will know everything about prostitution and the reasons that push our young girls to start.

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