Porta Potty : The Version You Won’t Hear Anywhere

David Kipre


For a few weeks, even a few months, some videos have been circulating about “influencers” who would have put themselves in situations not very catholic, and whose name keeps running on social networks, under the name of Porta Potty, that is to say “portable toilets” in English jargon.

The rumors about these acts do not cease to awaken the web and make polemic, until the end of the world. From Dubai, where the situation is said to be born, to our doorstep, where we are constantly surprised by the revelation of certain names, albeit known among the youngest.

Indeed, this video has the taste to question us on the practices in vogue in our generation and even push us to ask the question, but what’s wrong?


The Porta Potty is, according to sources, a world-renowned recruitment agency that “hires” girls to engage in this kind of practice. The video, or rather the videos in question, made the rounds just last month on the social network Twitter, which has become the most visited trend in the 24 hours. The information would have leaked from the United States, with the names of some celebrities in the key.

In one of the videos, we see a young woman, in a not very comfortable position and who indulges in a tasting, if we can say so, of human shit.

Very quickly, the Internet users were panicked. This is not a montage, since we can clearly see the young lady, swallowing poop. Very disgusting. And this, according to the sources that spread the video, took place in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai more precisely. The city has indeed experienced an increase in the number of visitors, especially women, who had gone there for the most part for “business“. This video made people question, what these so-called “billionaire or influencer” women on social networks, actually did during the short time between their business trip and their return home, without this business.

This quasi-inhuman treatment, is said to be the experience of some of these influencers, who are shat on in the mouth by rich Emirates, in exchange for a sum approaching $ 30,000 for some, less, for others.

2-The world facing the abomination

Shocked by such vile and undignified acts, the whole world points to the Arab Emirates as being racist and truly infamous for being able to carry out such acts on human beings, especially blacks for the most part.

In the meantime, there were already reports about the mistreatment of young girls who went there for domestic work. The living conditions were deplorable, and they were treated like animals. In addition, there were acts of slave trade that were carried out in North Africa towards these countries, or even voluntary choices of some people to go there to find happiness.

The acts, however, have been the subject of warnings from the whole world to the female youth.

All that glitters is not gold”, “learn to work with your ten fingers, rather than looking for easy money”, “luxury is obtained through work, and not through trips to get it“, are the sayings and parables sent to young girls around the world, who are the most vulnerable to this situation.

The lesson that we must learn from this case, is that indeed, all that glitters is not gold, and that the life of luxury offered to young Internet users by so-called influencers who do not show the other side of the picture, is finally not so attractive, since what happens is close to human sacrifice; something very different from what social networks display.

Finally, it should also be understood that although social networks are tools for entertainment, we should also be careful that they do not become idols for young people who increasingly engage in heinous acts in view of a life of dream in appearance but basically filled with immoral acts.

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