Month Of Ramadan: 5 Super Infos For Athletes

David Kipre


RAMADAN. Just at the mention of this name, thousands or even billions of people with a united heart are in joy. Considered as one of the 5 pillars of Islam, this holy month is the occasion to commemorate the revelation of the Koran.

Nowadays, the practice of sports has become an integral part of the daily life of Muslims. However, during fasting time, it becomes even more difficult, so some people ask themselves if this practice is good during fasting time or if it should simply be avoided, so as not to fall into vapors in the middle of the day and thus fail in their duty. What to do then or what are the advantages and disadvantages? 

I-Is there any disadvantage in doing sports during the fasting period?

The major risk of fasting is to have a lack of minerals and vitamins, not to mention dehydration, which can cause dizziness, nausea or severe headaches especially if in some countries, this month falls in a period of high heat.

Well, we can easily answer yes, but originally, man only ate when he found food, for example when he was hunting or gathering, which means that we have accustomed our body to eat, but deep inside we have this ability.

For this month of sharing, fasting, if done well, can allow us to last the day while doing sports. But be careful, it must be a moderate sport, especially if you have started not so long ago.

In addition to that, you will have to make sure to do your sport at a time that can be described as strategic during the day while spacing it out during the week.

II-What are the possible benefits during the fasting period

It is good at first to know for which types of sport it is beneficial. As you know, there is a sport for almost everything, for example to build muscles or to lose weight.

Not surprisingly, those who do sports for weight loss will be the most favored. Indeed, the fat will melt more quickly during the fasting; the body will be forced to draw from the reserves.

Insulin, which is the hormone responsible for weight gain, will be reduced when you do your sport during this period. And your growth hormone will increase even more with fasting sports. If you look at it that way, you could be the family supermodel at the end of your fast.

III-The advice of the doctor!

According to Dr. Ahmed Elmahmoudi, specialist in sports medicine, “The body in a state of fasting is forced to seek energy in its reserves to transform them into usable energy.

This transformation leads to the formation of waste, which must be eliminated. In addition to this, the conditions of the surrounding environment, for example, climate, work, physical effort…“. Not surprisingly, those who have never practiced sports during the month of Ramadan should refrain.

For those who are used to it, you will have to be much more careful. Limit your exercise sessions during the week to one or two, or even three maximum for regulars, but not more. Hydrate after breaking the fast but also before.

Eat pasta, rice or other starchy foods to replenish your energy, otherwise you’ll have a hard time during the next day’s session. Avoid overly aggressive sports such as boxing or other types of sports that require a large amount of energy.

You can stick to walking or running. If you feel any discomfort, please stop your sport immediately.

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