Suppleness Health Restriction In Netherlands



The waves of Contamination continue to go back and forth in Netherlands and this incites the government to crack down on this virus, thus causing the closing of bars, restaurants, cinemas, museum, and theaters from Sunday December 19, 2021 until January 14, 2022 while schools must be kept closed until at least January 9.

1-What are the measures taken by the government?

The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says during a televised press conference that all non-essential shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums, and theaters must be closed from Sunday December 19, 2021.

The Dutch found themselves confined in their homes during Christmas   until   January 14, 2022. The head of state underlines:  here is ‘’another Christmas that is completely different from what we would have wished’’. But Omicron obliges us to limit the number of physic contacts as quickly as possible and as much as possible, that’s why the Netherlands will be confined.  

2-Safety comes first

Take note on the fact that even the head of state does not agree with the fact that the celebrations take place in that atmosphere, however he had no choice than restricting certain habits of the people so that each and everyone would be protected from this epidemic. Another restriction that the people do not appreciate.   

3-What will happen to the continue outbreaks of Omicron virus?

 In this regard, the head of the Dutch epidemic management team, Jaap Van Dissel, states in a conference that Omicron would surpass the delta variant to become dominant in the Netherlands from that day until the end of the year.

4-Netherlands: from bad to worst

 Although the bars, restaurants, leisure centers are reopened because of the grumbling of the population to the restrictions, moreover perceived as exaggerated, the government always ends up ordering the closing of these places whenever the epidemic hits harder. This is how we witness the ‘’opening-closing’’ and ‘’closing-opening’’ of these places in question. Will the Netherlands regain a stable life? We keep expecting. It is clear that the suppleness of health restrictions means giving free rein to the epidemic.

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