7 Good Ways To Detoxify Your Body



Generally, we need to make a small mistake to be in excess. Many of us are subjected to multiple temptations and pollutions. It is particularly difficult to resist sugar, fat, salt, etc. Believe me, it’s perfectly normal to give in to your cravings sometimes! However, once you’ve made the “mistake“, you need to get rid of the bad stuff! These inputs are, among others, toxins. Many people are looking for ways to “detoxify the body“. In this article, we give you 7 ways to detoxify your body naturally.

1-Favour Raw Products


A highly processed product is always less interesting from a nutritional point of view, while being likely to bring pollutants, such as additives. You should therefore give preference to natural foods, i.e. raw foods. For example, eat plain yogurt rather than processed yogurt.

2-Focus On Proteins

Foods with a low glycemic index are those that do not raise blood sugar levels and therefore do not exhaust the body. This is the case with vegetables, which are also a good source of protein. Oily fish such as sardines, rich in omega 3, olive oil and oilseeds, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc., are also recommended.

3-Maintain Your Intestinal Flora

Your intestinal flora must be carefully maintained. It prevents the expansion of other micro-organisms that could harm our balance. It also eliminates the last residues of antibiotics or nitrates, for example. To maintain it, it is advisable to choose plants rich in fiber and foods containing probiotics, such as yogurt.

4-Fruit For Detoxifying Your Body

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Eating Fruit

According to Dr. Nina Cohen-Koubi, nutritionist, fruits and vegetables are good for detoxification. Among them, here are some not to be overlooked:

  • Lemon for the skin, liver and blood circulation
  • Leeks for the intestines and kidneys;
  • Cabbage, which strengthens immunity, acts on the stomach and intestines.

But also apples, carrots, beets, pineapple… Without forgetting, to flavour while doing yourself good, spices and herbs, ginger, garlic, onion, parsley, turmeric, rosemary, etc.

5-Do Sports


Do sports galore. To oxygenate your muscles, to evacuate stress and toxins, do sports ‘to infinity’! Walking, jogging, cycling, small exercises at home, etc., no sport should be neglected. An hour 2 to 3 times a week is ideal, but do it to your own satisfaction…

Sport will allow you to sweat and eliminate toxins, provided you drink a lot of water, as explained by Ambre Mota, sports dietitian-nutritionist. Once you’ve gotten rid of your impurities, your skin will become smooth and more resistant.

Alternate hot and cold showers to promote blood circulation.

Breathe! Good oxygenation of the blood means purified and cleansed organs. Every day, take the time to breathe slowly, as long as possible, several times.

6-Take Care Of Yourself

Young woman having stomach massage
Practice massage

Practice massage.  To eradicate toxins and drain water stored in the belly, heat an oil between your hands and make circular movements, clockwise (3 minutes a day morning or evening, never after meals).

Another way is to purify your skin by taking a warm bath at mid-body. The upper part tries to warm up, while the lower part sweats! Drink plenty of water and use bath salts or a neutral, organic liquid soap with added essential oils.


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As you can see, it is vital to rest your body regularly. When we are sick, for example, we eat less, if at all.

The expression: “eat to gain strength” is not, in my opinion, very accurate, because the body needs to concentrate its strength to fight against pathogenic germs instead of digesting.

Then, we resume a light diet because our digestive system is still weak, we take the time to eat and chew well, because the vital force has not yet returned.

Well, this is how we should eat: little, even less, while taking our time and choosing the quality of our products!

Of course, everyone has his own rhythm. Detoxification will depend on the temperament and vitality of each person. We are all different and therefore all unique.

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