Top 5 Must-Have Apps For An Entrepreneur

David Kipre


At a time when digital technology is becoming more and more important, entrepreneurs must join their forces. Many applications have been developed to facilitate the journey of our project developers. That’s why we propose you our top 5 essential applications for an entrepreneur.



The problem solved by Evernote is simple: information overload.

In order not to be caught short and miss the information constantly sent all over the world, Evernote offers to synchronize your notes on all your devices and find your summaries, your to-do lists, your contracts etc… And everything that is important to you as notes to your company. The application has a platform where you and your collaborators can also exchange your data or consult them in time.



Self-development, personal development, mentoring, coaching and motivation are the main topics you will find in your Koober application, which offers you conferences, documentaries, podcasts to read or listen to if you don’t have time to do research or if you are on a break and need to clear your head. Most of the great business books are there and they will be necessary in your journey.


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Accountant ? Cashier? Need to write invoices but don’t have the time, Tiime offers you to organize your prices, write invoices in advance or on the spot, link your business bank account, track your transactions, expenses and expense reports. All this in one application available from your Play store or App store. You also have the ability to take pictures of receipts and upload them to the application.


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A team of several members will inevitably need a private means of communication to preserve their exchanges. No, it’s not WhatsApp and its groups, but rather Slack that offers team members to organize conversations between team members on private or public channels. Sharing images, documents, videos and pictures is possible too.



A late colleague? A task that is not yet ready? A deadline not met? ASANA allows you to remind your collaborators without being pushy that they have to go ahead with their task. It is a tool that will allow you to optimize collaboration and communication between all your teams. Depending on the group you create, you have the possibility to assign to each of your members, according to their know-how, their skills and their role in the company, the tasks appropriate to their role. You can also add deadlines and reminders to keep track of the progress of the work. Communication network very important in the entrepreneurial life, it will be very useful if you want to avoid data traffic and possible information leaks.

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