These 5 Surprising Foods That Can Fight Prostate Cancer

David Kipre


It is not often enough said, but prostate cancer is a disease that affects most men without them realizing it. It is a disease characterized by either the transformation of the cells of the organ, the prostate, into cancerous cells, or by the appearance of the latter as a result of an inappropriate diet or another external cause. However, studies have shown that it is possible to reduce the risk of prostate cancer through a healthy diet, based on the consumption of certain foods that are the following.

Here are the 5 foods that you can eat to avoid prostate cancer.

1- Soy



A legume found in all forms, milk, flour, seeds, soy tofu, it is an excellent anti-cancer. Especially rich in B vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers, it fits the perfect description of the vegetable you should take if you want to avoid prostate cancer. It also contains isoflavones, phytoestrogens, substances that decrease the action of testosterone, the main conditioner of prostate cancer.

2- Cooked tomatoes

Cooked tomatoes


The cooked tomato is a good anti-inflammatory. Characterized by the lycopene it contains, its daily consumption would slow down the progression of cancer, and would even be able to prevent it. Thanks to tomatoes, you could reduce the volume of your prostate gland and lower the rate of cancer cells in your body, if any. Tomatoes can be eaten in many ways, either cooked, raw, in the form of sauce, juice or even puree if that’s what you prefer.

3- Garlic, not only against vampires



To fight against cancer cells, garlic is recommended. Its regular consumption helps you to reduce the level of PSA in your body, which is the protein produced by the prostate, a potential source of cancer. It is recommended by the WHO to eat at least 2 or 3 cloves of garlic per week to be healthy and fight the risks of prostate cancer. So don’t hesitate to add enough garlic to your dishes, especially after chopping or cutting it.

4- Raw vegetables

Those who eat cabbage and its derivatives know that they contain many nutrients necessary to fight cancer. Any cabbage derivative (broccoli, cauliflower) is a good food to fight cancer, especially prostate cancer.

Steaming or short cooking them preserves all their protein, and allows you to take full advantage of them to fight prostate cancer.

5- Fish



Fish is a huge source of omega-3, a natural trace element responsible for the production of anti-cancer cells. Salmon, tilapia, and especially sardines, are a main source of omega-3 and you can cook them or add them to all your dishes in order to fully benefit from this element in the prevention and fight against cancer.


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