The Saka Saka, the great Congolese recipe!

David Kipre


The Saka Saka is a dish from Africa. It is also found in the Comoros, it is made with crushed and boiled manioc. Here in Congo it is saka saka, but in other countries it changes name according to the culture.

We are now going to prepare this delicious dish without much delay. We are going to cook for 2 persons.


I hope you know cassava. Especially for Africans, but for our Western friends who follow us, you can easily find it or get information in the African markets that are now everywhere in the cities. Where else Click here to have more information on this food. All this for about 2H40 or 3h

For two people, here are the ingredients.

-Fish or meat (as you like)

-1/4 kg of crushed manioc

-4 cl of peanut oil

-2/3 onion

-3/4 clove of garlic

-1/4 of eggplant

-1/3 of green bell pepper

1/4 leek

-4cl of water


-10 cl of palm oil

-1/4 kg of frozen fish

-1/4 green pepper

-1/4 of broth or a seasoning.

II.  preparation steps

Mix ingredients
Mix Ingredients

Step 1: You will have to mix onions, garlic, leek, eggplant and peppers together. You will have a paste that you will use later.

Step 2: Wash with warm water and put the Saka Saka leaves in a container. It can be a martite then put the mixes of vegetables made above with 20 cl of water. But we had to use frozen leaves that are sold in the shelves of African markets. To prepare them, you just have to thaw them in water by boiling it.  

add water Palm oil

Step 3: Add your meat or fish and cook for 30 minutes. Of course pay attention to the cooking time of the latter.

Step 4: It’s time to season. Add salt and anything else you like to give taste to your cooking. Then let cook for two good hours. Let it cook over medium heat

Step 5: Don’t forget to stir from time to time and if possible add some water in case you feel or see that there is more.

Step 6: While cooking, add the peanut oil and the chilli. Taste it is ready!

III. accompaniment.

This dish is usually accompanied by white rice, cooked cassava or banana. If you are Ivorian, a good foutou will do.

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