The 4 Most In-demand Fields In The Job Market

David Kipre


In 2022, we have access to a lot of things without really having what we need. Knowing the most sought after fields is what we need to know, but the amount of diverse information makes us miss the essential. In this article, we are going to give the 4 most sought after fields in the job market.

1- Literature, languages and art

Often minimized to the profile of scientific fields, it is often said that the only job available for these people is the profession of teacher. But we will see that there are much better.

1- We have the writing professions.

In this world, there are people who love, if not adore, writing. To these people know that there is a job for you and that is the job of a writer. Do you know that a writer can earn between 1098 euro and 12 738 euro or gross per month according to the journaldunet France and or 6080 dollar according to

2- Becoming a Journalist

Who says that to experience epic countries you have to be a scientist? Journalists are the people who travel the most. Reporting from the other side of the world, traveling to the end of the world to discover the world as never before. On top of that you are well paid. What more could you ask for. This job is also in demand especially in these troubled times, where information must circulate.

3- Corrector

All newspapers or publishing houses have proofreaders who track down the slightest mistake, so as not to scare away the readers. With several languages known to date, this job really needs a hand.

We can also mention the translator-interpreter, the language teacher, the tourism profession, and many others.

2- The Humanities and Social Sciences.

Archaeologists, historians, sociologists, psychologists or even philosophers and many others are part of the job related to the social and human fields. Depending on the field you choose, your salary can vary from 2000 to 6000 dollars per month. These jobs are most sought after by research NGOs or the private sector. Make sure you have the right background, because these are not easy jobs.

3- Law, economics and management

 These professions are quite in demand with the explosion of the phenomenon of entrepreneurship which has seen the birth of more than 1000 new companies in Europe alone. For students up to the PhD level, they are very much in demand as they have a very broad knowledge in their respective fields. The salary can vary between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars for those who have been employed in large firms.

4- Science, technology and health sector

This is definitely the most well known sector, but above all the most in demand on the job market. Whether it is in engineering, health, agri-food or chemistry.

You must know that in these troubled times, technology is the most formidable weapon a nation can have to protect its assets and its citizens. For those who decide to go for it, they will face many challenges because only the elite will be kept. So be the best in your field. As far as we know, the basic salary for people who have reached a high level in the field of technology and health (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate) is 50,000 dollars per year and can increase depending on your function and ability.

5-Fields in rise and fall


Here are the fields that are on the rise for the next few years. An information from the Future of jobs Surceys 2020, World Economic Forum

Data analysts and data scientists Data entry operators 
Artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists Administrative and executive secretaries 
Mega Data Specialists Bookkeepers and Payroll Managers
Digital marketing and strategy specialists Accountants and CPAs 
Automation specialistsAssembly line and factory workers 
Strategic development specialistsSales and administrative managers 
Digital transformation specialistsCustomer service and information officers 
IT Security Specialists General Managers and Operations Managers 
Software and application developersMachine mechanics and repairers 
Internet of Things Specialists Material registrars and inventory controllers 
Sales and administrative managers Postal service clerks 
Database and network specialistsWholesale and manufacturing sales representatives, technical and scientific products 
Sales and administrative managers Postal service clerks 
Database and network specialists Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives, technical and scientific products 
Robotics Engineers Relationship Managers 
Strategic Consultants Bank tellers and other bank employees
 Management and Organizational AnalystsAnalysts Door-to-door salespeople, newspaper salespeople and street vendors 
Financial engineering specialists Electronics and telecommunications installers and repairers
Mechanics and machine repairers Human resources specialists 
 Organizational Development ConsultantsTraining Specialists 
Risk management specialists Construction workers
the Future of jobs Surceys 2020, World Economic Forum

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