Green Card Lottery: All You Need To Know ­čç║­čçŞ To succeed your Application



The green card is the official identity document provided by the United States to people wishing to live and work in the country without a time limit.

I. Requirements

Before applying for this lottery which will start on Wednesday, October 06, 2022, at noon, you must first know which countries are not eligible, and then we will talk about the academic requirements to have it.

A-Countries not eligible for the green card




China (Mainland and Hong Kong)


Dominican Republic

 El Salvador









South Korea

United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories 

Venezuela and Vietnam.

Please note that this list is updated every year.

We hope with all our hearts that you are in an eligible country!

B-Academic requirements

You must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent or two years of work experience within the last five years in an eligible field requiring at least two years of training.

II- Step 1: Registration

Here is what you absolutely must know or have for a quick registration:

– First name(s) and last name

– Gender

– Date of birth

– City of birth

– Country of birth

– Country of eligibility

– Passport* (if applicable)

– Email address

– Country where you currently live (in case you are in another country)

– Phone number

– The highest

level of education *

– Current marital status

– Personal details of your spouse (if applicable)

– Personal details of your children (if applicable)


Id card sample
Id_card Sample

For further explanation, we will take a practical case. The Id_card is a free passport photo. We will use it to show you the methodology to follow.

Her name is Doe Jane; She lives in Germany, has two children, and is married. She will be our model.

A- Names, gender, date, and country of birth

Image 2

Family name: Doe

First name: Jane

Middle name: (she doesn’t have one, so she can skip this box)

Date of birth: 01.11.1995

City of birth: Cologne

Country of birth: German

B-Country of eligibility

country of eligibility

Ms. Doe Jane is in Germany, which is an eligible country. She will state this in the box provided.

If she is potentially in a country that is not eligible, she will still be able to take the exam but return to her country for the remainder of the process.


For the Holder’s Last Name and First Name boxes, this is just a copy of the tip right at the top.

D-Passport number


You have to be careful when writing it to avoid mistakes during the registration.

The name and surname will be as above for the name and surname part.

E-Informations are more than important!

Since DV 2021, the passport in the DV Lottery registration form is mandatory. However, the passport is not mandatory (B):

Suppose the applicant has no nationality. An applicant is a national of a country controlled by the communists and cannot obtain a passport from my government. Suppose the applicant can’t get a visa and has received an individual waiver of passport requirement by the Secretary of Homeland Security or the Secretary of State. If she is potentially in a country that is not eligible, she will still be able to take the exam but return to her country for the remainder of the process. Do not check Section B if you are not eligible for any of the three choices. That will disqualify you in the long run during screening.



You must also attach a photo of yourself. It must meet the high standards of the U.S. authorities, as follows:

– Photos must not be older than 6 months.

– Photos from previous lotteries must not be reused.

– no copies of ID cards or passports

– are no glasses in the photo (even for glasses wearers!)

– only high-quality color photos

– neutral and bright background

– In the front view, look into the camera (not from the side!)

– shoulders must be visible in the photo

– at least 600×600 pixels, JPEG file

– The head should occupy about 50% of the photo.

– no caps or other head coverings (head coverings for religious reasons are tolerated if the face is visible from the forehead to the chin!)

If you don’t know how to do all this, we offer a service to help you get a good picture quickly. For that, we have two groups, WhatsApp and T├ęlegram, to allow you to do all this. So don’t hesitate to ask questions too.

G-Country where you currently live (in case you are in another country)


Ms. Doe currently lives in her home country. So she will put it as such. If you are not in your country, put the one you are in, even if it is not eligible.

H- Phone number


If you don’t have a phone number, you will need to purchase one, as the DV program may send you information.

I- The highest level of education *


It will ask you if you have a certificate, so ensure you have it before you start. Ms. Doe has a master’s degree in telecommunications. She will have to put it on. If you are not in the same situation as Mrs. Doe and you have a particular skill, such as programming, the masonry of large buildings, or others, please stipulate it.

J- Current marital status


Mrs. Doe is married and has 2 children. But in this case, you will just put married. If you are single, you will notify her.

K- Spouse’s personal information (if applicable)

 Like Mrs. Doe, her husband’s name is Doe Richard. Therefore, she will need to note her husband’s first and last name and date of birth. This is similar to your registration. If you are single, we invite you to leave this part.

L- Personal data of your children (if any)

Number of kid

Mrs. Doe has 2 children. She will note the number of children but also other information that will be requested. If you do not have any children, please leave this box blank.


This is what Mrs. Doe’s email might look like:

If you do not have an email click here (Create your Google account)


The confirmation number is a number that you will have after your registration is validated. It will allow checking on the site to see if you are selected. It is, therefore, essential to have it saved in a safe place!

IV- Step 2: What to do after applying for the green card

Congratulations, Mrs. Doe Jane, you have completed all the necessary steps. Now it’s time to wait for the results, which will be out from May 7 to June.

The verification number is 2022FF942483939 (an example of illustrations)

 It is up to you to check the results to see if you have won. The U.S. government does not contact the winners directly.


1-go to the website (

2-“Confirmation Number”: Fill in the registration confirmation number that was given to you when you registered. If you don’t have it anymore, just click on “Forgot Confirmation Number”.

3-“Last/Family Name”: Simply enter your family name

4-“Year of Birth”: Type your year of birth (4 digits)

5-“Authentication”: For security reasons, enter the characters that appear in the image.

V-Step 3: If you are successful

You will receive an email saying that you have selected, but you will fill in some specific documents to finalize the procedure and obtain your final visa. In short, you will have to fill out a file called DS-260 and send it to the KENTUCKY CONSULAR CENTER (KCC) by email.


Afterward, your file will be scheduled for an interview appointment when a visa number is available.

You will receive instructions by email from the KCC. In the case of a scheduled interview, you will receive a notification email. These emails are pretty essential and should follow with great care.

In your first email, you have to register a critical piece of information. This is the information in case you want to contact KCC for your file

File name: 2022FF942483939

Name of Principal Applicant: Doe Jane

Preference Category: DIVERSITY DV

State Accountability: Germany

Poster: Cologne

Send your email followed by this information for your application to be considered

IV- Step 4: The Help

First, if you have not selected, it is not time to be discouraged. Tell yourself that you already have all the information to attack with strength in the coming year. Do not hesitate to try again. Most of the people we’ve worked with to apply have had to do it more than once. Secondly, this section is especially for those who want to use it but don’t know how to do so or simply need more information. Know what to say, what to interview, what to do, how to dress. In short, a coach and sometimes a sponsor who will finance the whole process, accommodation, and everything, do not hesitate to join our various groups GREEN CARD OPPORTUNITY. 

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