6 ( effective ) tips to get a flat stomach in 2 weeks

David Kipre


Have you recently gained weight? Is your belly round like a pregnant woman’s, or you don’t like the way it looks? Don’t worry. With these six fun and practical tips, you will quickly obtain a slim figure and a flat stomach.

( Note that these tips are not for everyone and should not use as a medical prescription )

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1- Drink yellow gold every day

“Yellow gold” is currently in your kitchen. Yes, commonly known as olive oil, this remedy, long used by past generations, is an excellent ingredient that helps fight against heart disease and intestinal bacteria, promoting digestion and regulating the Ph in our body.

Consume two spoonfuls of your yellow gold in the morning and evening, and you will see a clear improvement in the shape of your stomach and your complexion, which will become more radiant.

2- Spice up your meal

Drunken shrimp

Eating spicy food releases “feel good endorphins” for many people.

It is not a question of adding more salt grains to your meals but of adding more spices. Saffron, turmeric, pepper, and chili pepper are spices that are highly recommended when dieting or to keep in shape and add flavor to your life. 

Don’t add too much hoping to get quick results, you will only make your case worse.

Eating well and adding spices is what you should do.

3- Work on your diet

You’ve probably heard about the “30 Days Plank Challenge” on social networks, which all fitness coaches recommend. It’s an easy exercise to do several times a day by standing on the floor; your body parallels to the ground, muscles sheathed, with your forearms bent and feet stretched backward for at least 20 seconds. You should look like a plank if you do it well. It will be all flat! After 30 days of doing it well enough, your stomach should also start to look like a …. Plank.

4- Cider Vinegar 

Again? Cider vinegar is an ingredient you have probably heard about in many videos regarding hair growth or hair care. It also has other virtues. A tablespoon of cider vinegar will regulate your intestinal acids and thus avoid bloating. (One of the leading causes of a round belly).

5- Water is life

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Water is the best of all things

We can’t tell you enough, but drinking water already solves more than half of your body’s problems. In addition, water helps to eliminate the toxins that your body stores in your abdomen. It also favors the elimination of fats when we add some tea. The infusions and hot water packs will significantly allow you to eliminate your fats more quickly and flatten your belly. All this regularly and without effort consist 

6 -A healthy mind in a healthy body

Sport is not only about developing your buttocks and breasts, ladies. Sport, in general, allows you to eliminate all the fat and toxins accumulated during your meal or your daily activity. Cycling, walking, and swimming are very good sports that will allow you to have good shape and keep away unwanted diseases.

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