EASY MAKEUP TUTOS: 5 Essential Products For Your Makeup Bag

David Kipre


You don’t necessarily need to be a makeup pro before you can make yourself beautiful and presentable for your parties. However, there are a few products that are essential if you don’t want to look like a jug.Here are the 5 essential products you should not forget when you take your makeup bag

1– The foundation

Ladies, foundation is the foundation! As its name suggests, it’s a foundation, the one on which the rest of the products will be applied. Then it will be necessary to make sure that it is well applied. It allows you to smooth, unify and make your complexion fresher, not to change it of course. To do this, choose a lighter or darker color than your natural skin tone and apply it up to the neck, if you don’t want to have a demarcation.

2– Concealer

You’re tired from last night’s party? but it’s 7am and you don’t have time to get rid of the dark circles under your face? No worries! With the anti-dark circles, which is a very important element, you will be able to reduce the appearance of dark circles around your eyes, and give you a slightly fresher look. You can also use it for redness or pigment spots that you want to hide.If you had to use only one makeup product, I would recommend using the concealer: quick, effective and convenient!

3– Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil

I shaved my eyebrows a little too much, what can I do? To avoid this, or simply if it has already happened, the eyebrow pencil will allow you to redraw them and give them volume according to the type of makeup you want to adopt.The ideal color for your eyebrow pencil should be a shade lighter than your hair or the same color, so you don’t look angry or upset with the world.And instead of trying new shapes, follow the natural curve of your eyebrows. They will look much more beautiful and sexier!

4– Mascara

To seduce your crush, or give you a femme fatale look, mascara is an im-pe-ra-tif!

It will help you enlarge your eyes and make them more piercing, more intense, more suave or smoother and less dark, depending on the type of mascara and the type of makeup you want to adopt. As a precaution, change it every 3 to 6 months and avoid lending or borrowing it, as the eyes are a very sensitive area. You should not go out without putting your mascara in your bag. In addition, in case you shed a few tears while watching a movie, you will be able to reapply it. And to keep its texture intact, avoid getting air in it when you use it.

5– The lip liner

To finish off your makeup in style, and to give your lips a fuller or less full look, don’t forget to use a lip liner. To have thinner lips, draw your outline in the inside of the lips with a darker colored pencil, and do the opposite to have fuller lips (be careful not to look like a bratz Doll)Choose a pencil of the same color as your usual lipstick, or the same color as your lips.

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