Christmas: 5 Fun Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids



Christmas activities with the kids have developed into a significant business venture in many families, where everything needs to be perfect: the meal, the Gifts, the invitation, and other things. Can we return to more straightforward values and turn Christmas into a true celebration for children, not just a celebration of the presents we give them? Instead, make the most of your time with your family and have fun!

Here are some ideas for bringing holiday activities for kids back to life:

1- Traditional Christmas Desserts

There is a wide variety of aromas and flavors associated with the holidays. Traditional Christmas desserts include decorated biscuits, sugar-to-cream sugar, gingerbread pain, fruit pies, Christmas cake, and pudding. Participate with your children in preparing seasonal sweets and turn them into a holiday cooking activity! You can also make a group of small cookies, which you can then give to friends, family, teachers, and school counselors.

2- A Family Show

Putting on a family show is another fun Christmas activity, as is creating a mini-synthesizer or song that tells the story of the holiday. The most important thing is to have fun and something small to give to the parent.

3- Sending Christmas cards 

Nothing works better than organizing a family activity in which we begin writing Christmas cards in early December. In any case, you can make them yourself during these well-known family bricolage sessions!

Christmas cards


Tips: Instead of sending traditional cards, record a video in which each family member sends a message. Even more: Make a recording of a song! Guaranteed Happiness 

4- Hang and fill Christmas stockings

Even though Christmas stockings typically contain insignificant small items, many people will tell you that this charming custom is just as important, if not more so, than the “real” presents under the tree. When a child looks at long, puffy stockings that arrange on nails on the living room walls or the fireplace mantel, there is nothing more magical. Either give them lovely Gifts or plan a great Christmas activity where you and the kids can make your Gifts together!

5- Advent Calendar

Looking forward to Christmas Day with an advent calendar is the most exciting thing. Make this experience truly magical. An Advent calendar is the ideal Christmas preparation activity for children to keep them looking forward to the big day. You can find these in stores or easily make your own when the big day gets closer.

Wrapping sweets and small surprises from $1 stores in paper or plastic and writing the day numbers on them is an easy method. After that, put everything in a pretty cardboard box or a container.

In time, you can also give children Christmas Gifts: Play a board game, read a second book, go ice skating, have a pillow fight, scratch, go to the library, or watch a Christmas movie in bed with your kids… Every day, help them find the bag that corresponds to the date. Their eyes will expand in proportion to the rate at which the box is filled.

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