How to teach computer programming to your child in 3 easy tips

David Kipre


What if instead of soccer, basketball, or ballet, your child learned programming?

The 21st century is the computer generation par excellence, and web developers are in high demand in the job market. Instead of waiting for your child to turn 21 to acquire their first web skill, why doesn’t your child put ten years of experience on their resume?

Yes, it’s possible with these 3 techniques to teach programming to children.

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1. Technique 1: Child’s play

Teaching programming to your child must be fun. Introducing mathematical concepts to a young child is torture, especially if he doesn’t understand anything; he will see it as a punishment. So, they need to have fun and not feel overwhelmed for this to happen. Many programming teaching tools have been created for children, allowing them to understand the elements quickly. They will be much more motivated to move on to the next steps.

With YouTube videos, online training workshops for toddlers, and programmable robots, you will surely get your child interested in programming and gain experience quickly.

2. Technique 2: Write a program

code langage

Programming made the impossible possible

There are text-based programming languages that will give your children and also young teens detailed training in programming.

They will necessarily have to have some basic knowledge to do this and also be capable of understanding abstract methods and concepts. 

Don’t worry; from a distance, this may seem not easy at first glance, but these are programs that are adapted and designed especially for the young and very young. Thanks to this, your children will acquire complex knowledge at a young age and be an excellent match for the job market.

3. Technique 3: Choose the appropriate language and learning mode

With the following applications, your children, from the age of 4, can learn computer language and program with their peers at school.

From the age of 4, install the application Code Karts, and the fans of Mario Kart will quickly understand the game, and the racing cars they will be able to build will allow them to learn about programming.

In the beginning, the most straightforward level will allow them to discover the game’s mechanics; as they progress, they will unlock more complex stories that will also develop their skills and knowledge in web development.

The game is simple and develops their logical reasoning: They must build the “code” bricks in a precise order to allow the car to arrive at the right point. What could be more fantastic for a little kid in an adventure game mixed with programming?

ScratchJr is also a good application for children over four years old. It is a game that consists of stacking graphic programming blocks, making various animations, and getting in touch with basic programming commands. The choice is vast: dancing, walking, jumping, and any animation are welcome as long as the child can generate the appropriate code to command and realize the energy.

They learn to make their programsolve common problems, and develop a good knowledge of programming languages at a young age.

Also, check the compatibility of your devices with these applications that you will want to install.

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