6 Super Fuel Saving Tips

David Kipre


With the crisis in Ukraine, the increase in fuel prices becomes harmful for everyone, and it is necessary to find an effective way to save fuel. Not only are there ways to save fuel, but here are 6 tips that will help you save fuel and save your pocket.

1- Drive from the start and stop your engine for any parking

It’s a popular myth to leave the engine running while parked in order to use less fuel, but our current engines are efficient even at this level and allow you to restart your car, which will have had time to decompress its circuits. Make sure that your stopping time is consistent for this. For 1 min of stop, it is not really necessary, but for longer than that, and in order to conserve fuel, stop your engine, and resume it later.

2- Minimize the air conditioning

Sure, it’s hot, but your car’s windows also serve to ventilate it. Your car’s air conditioning not only uses battery power and gel, but also consumes up to 15% of your fuel, if you put it on full time and full blast in your car during your trip. Try to use your windows as much as possible, since that’s what they’re made for, not totally open either, at the risk of decreasing the aerodynamics of your car, but you’ll know how to do it so that it suits you.

3- Avoid making too many turns

The revolutions are displayed on your dashboard, the optimal number of revolutions you can make is between 2000 and 2500 rpm, in order to avoid the excessive fuel consumption of 3000-3500 rpm. Shift to a higher gear as soon as you are in the 2000 rpm range, and optimize up to 2500 rpm.

4- Decrease your speed by 10km/h

How to save fuel efficiently? By driving a little slower. Okay, you might be late, but it’s just a matter of preparation.  For 10km/h less than your current speed, you will save 1l of fuel for 100km. Clever, isn’t it? And it will come in handy later, when you fill up your tank. And with the other tips you combine with this one, you’re sure to save fuel in your tank.

5- Empty your trunk

How do you do it? That’s right, get rid of the unnecessary items that you only use once a year or that you put there just in case. The glove box, the rear seats, the trunk. All of this may not look like it, but it will help you lighten your car, because a heavy car equals a gas-guzzling car. So, empty your car, keep only what you need (your papers, the first aid kit, etc…) and you will save another 15% of gasoline on your usual consumption, isn’t it wonderful?

6- Park your car in the shade

Parking your car under the sun is not really good for your car or your gas consumption. You will be hot, you will turn on the air conditioning, which should be on full blast, to cool down the engine and the car, the cold gasoline that enters a hot engine, evaporates faster, which will lead to a consequent increase of your gasoline consumption. And that’s it!

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