5 Ways You Can Help Your Kids While They’re Studying



It’s an unfortunate truth that many students find it hard to study effectively on their own. With all of the distractions around, it can be nearly impossible to focus enough to get the work done—and most parents know that having too many distractions while trying to study can be highly counterproductive! If you want to help your kids become better and more efficient students, try these five helpful ways you can help them while they’re studying.

A- Help them come up with a study plan

One way to help your kids while they are studying is to have them come up with a study plan. A good study plan will include when they learn, what they will look like, and how long they need to spend on each task. They need to make this decision themselves, so your help can personalize it based on their needs. With this plan in place, you’ll be able to support them by ensuring they get all the necessary supplies, such as pencils and notebooks.

B-Make them avoid distractions

The biggest nemesis of a good study moment is distractions. We cannot talk about help in studying time without evoking them. Helping your child in his study time involves dealing with that nemesis. You can help your child in these ways :

· Keep the TV or other devices off while they study. 

· Take their phone or tablet if they have one

· Ask them to summarize what they’ve just read or do a quick quiz to see if they really understood it. 

· Help them figure out how long it will take for their project to be done.

· Teach them ways of staying focused such as deep breathing or turning classical music on. 

· Assign them some sort of reward when they reach their goal in studying time.

C- Praise good behavior

Praise good behavior

Encourage them…..

It’s a lot of work to get through school, and kids need all the help they can get! Praising your child for good behavior they had made them feel encouraged. You can encourage your child by doing these :

· Ask your child what they need. If they say they don’t know, ask them what they think would make it easier to study. 

· Offer sometimes to provide snacks or drinks while your child is studying. 

· Give them some space to do their work in silence. 

· Encourage them to take breaks when they need them. 

· Share this post with your friends and family so that they know how important it is for parents to be there for their children when they have homework.  

The main point here is to make your child feel supported. It won’t make you weak. 

D- Teach your child the importance of persistence

It is important to teach children how to be persistent in studying. It has been proved that the unique reason some children get better in math (Asian children in the US for example) is just because of perseverance.

gHelp your child by teaching them it is not that bad to have setbacks. Sit them down and make them learn again with patience. They will get to learn and better up. That will be a gift not only for their schooling but their whole lives.

E- Make sure they get enough sleep

Studies have shown that sleep after and before cognitive activity helps memorize better. It will be the easiest way for you. Make them sleep (and have yourself some rest). 

Your child must get a good night’s rest so their mind can stay fresh and alert for the next day’s lesson. If your child has trouble falling asleep, you may want to teach some breathing exercises. You may also wish to read a book with them or chat about their day.

If you want to be a good helper for your kids when they are studying, here are things you can do: Help them come up with a study plan, Make them avoid distractions, Praise good behavior, and Teach your child the importance of persistence and Make sure they get enough sleep.

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