5 Secrets to avoid couple’s fights

David Kipre


Arguments from time to time in a couple are good. But it isn’t enjoyable when the whole week is complete, and the wife isn’t happy because the husband did it.

So how do you deal with the other party having a nervous breakdown? How do you deal with your partner’s hormones? And how to ensure a little match doesn’t start a fire.

We give you 5 secrets of couples that have allowed more than 300 couples to be in harmony.

1/5: Putting the situation into perspective

Being with someone for a long time gradually diminishes our ability to filter certain situations. Instead of making reflections at your partner all the time to prove a point that doesn’t matter, the best way is to ask yourself the question, “making that remark for the 100th time to my partner will change gives it and If the answer is no, then probably don’t. There’s no point in wondering why the toilet seat isn’t down all afternoon.

2/5: Avoid blaming your partner

“You never listen to me” “It’s always the same with you” “You’re never there”. 

The “You” in a couple is not advisable, it looks like a parent who makes you feel sorry, and nobody likes that. So say, “I feel offended or hurt because this happened,” and “the fact that this happened makes me feel disrespected and lonely.” Instead of pointing the gun at your partner, pretend to do the opposite, and your partner will be more willing to listen and be open to discussion rather than argument.

3/5: Acknowledge your mistakes

“I never apologize to myself, and I have too much ego” Okay, go to war with your partner and see if your celibacy respects your ego. Improve your vocabulary with some sweet words of apology to calm your partner and avoid the approaching storm. A statistic often shows that you must dip the poisoned arrow in honey before shooting it. 

4/5: Listen to your partner

Upset couple ignoring each other after fight on bed in bedroom

Sit and listen to you

The majority of couples who have tried this technique have approved it. When your partner comes to you with a problem, don’t be in a hurry to respond. Instead, pour them a cup of coffee, sit down and say, “I’m listening.” I assure you that not only will your partner not shout, but also you will not have to make any effort. Leave your mouth in airplane mode and turn on the engine in your ears. Your partner will respect you, which will increase his esteem for you because a partner who listens is happy.

5/5: Compromise?

The couple is not a place where you have to impose your ideas like a republic with a president at the head. The argument is: “I want this and nothing but this,” while the discussion is “I would like to have this, is it convenient for you? If not, what can we have for both of us” remember that you are in a couple, to be two and not alone. The goal of the discussion is to reach an agreement even if neither of you is satisfied. The rule is that either you have it together or you don’t.

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