06 Essential Tips To Start A Profitable Chicken Farm Business

David Kipre


Chicken is one of the most consumed meats in the world. In 2019, more than 91.6 million tons had been consumed according to the Consoblog article. Today we are at 101 billion kilos of poultry every year, yet the 7 billion peoples on earth are apparently still in short supply. The need is therefore felt and in this case, we will show you the 6 tips that can allow you to successfully realize your dream of raising chicken.

1- Reach out to the right people in the chicken business

Why look far, the most effective way for you is either to train or simply to surround yourself with people who can help you achieve your project.  Working in a group will allow you to see things that you may not have thought of, especially if that person is knowledgeable in their field. As Margaret Carty said, «Work as a team and you’ll be lucky to have someone always on your side». But be careful, because you will have to learn. It is still your project. Before you hire him, test him to see if he knows his job.

2- What type of chicken do you want to raise?

Once your expert or your team is close to you, you need to know what type of chicken you want to raise. To do so, you must know that there are mainly 2 types of chicken in breeding. There are the layers, which are chickens raised mainly for their eggs. But there are also the meat chickens, mainly raised for their meat. It is therefore wise to know which type of chicken you want to bet on. However, knowing which one is more profitable will depend on your marketing strategy skills and start-up capital.

3- Knowing the treatment title to administer to your type of chicken

Your team or your expert will surely think about the same thing, nobody wants to start his farm and lose everything one month later. The treatment against infectious diseases will allow you to stabilize your production, but especially to avoid the number of losses. In most cases, and especially for someone who has just started, losses are to be expected. This is why you need an expert to help you. Among the known diseases of chickens are Marek’s and Aujeszky’s disease, avian influenza, typhosis, coryza and coccidiosis. It only takes one infected bird to see all the chickens fall if the epidemic is not stopped in time. To find out what types of vaccines are available to fight these diseases, we invite you to consult your expert, but especially a veterinarian.

4- The type of chicken housing

Once you have checked off the different elements mentioned above, it is now time to know where and how your chickens will live. Here again, your expert can easily help you. The place where the chickens are going to live is special and needs special attention because it is where they live that they can easily catch diseases if not well maintained. Of course your buget needs to be well established, because there are facilities based on state-of-the-art technology or simply do as the pioneers did but with a touch of new blood.

In the farms of Africa, there are quite basic constructions, a house made of cement bricks surrounded by barbed wire that are not dangerous for the chickens. The difference is the sterilization of the environment. Indeed the place must be as clean as possible. Some opt for foot and hand disinfection basins at the entrance of the poultry house. For modern poultry houses, this is much better done with high tech facilities that can allow a better management.

5- The type of chicken feed

Corn, seed or other foods are known to us as chicken food. However, for the type of chicken you have to choose, you will have a special type of food to give. In this document we will give you what is possible, but remember to check your location to see if this food is available in your area.

Water is an integral part of their diet, as they say, water is life and it will keep your chickens alive.

1- Laying hens

They consume everything. But to allow them to have a good health and especially good eggs, think of giving them every day 100 to 150 g of a complete food especially for their needs. Also a food adapted to the age and the stage of your hens would be an asset, without forgetting proteïnes that is 15 to 16%.

2- Hens of pulpits

These chickens don’t really need much, especially when your breeding is in the open air, leftovers, cereals are enough to help them develop well.

6- The chicken market

This step is by far the most important. If you don’t know how to market your chicken, it is better to never start. You need a great marketing strategy and thorough research to really see your money. So don’t overlook it. Because markets differ, we can’t give you solutions. The only trick is to know your market and make it your own.

Finding an expert, knowing what kind of chickens to raise, the right kind of feed, the right kind of layout and knowing your market are the necessary elements to start your chicken farming business.

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