03 Types of African Foods To Lower Blood Pressure.

David Kipre


It is often said that our food is our first medicine. If this is the case, we should choose with ammunition the foods that should constitute it. Knowing what to eat and when, can save us from hospitalization. Today, we propose these 3 categories of hypotensive foods usually consumed by Africans to lower their blood pressure

The foods that make up this list are divided into three main groups: spices, vegetables and fruits. You probably already know some of them, read to the end to discover others.

The foods that play a role of hypotensive agent, are those that contain 3 essential compounds: potassium, magnesium, silicon.

  • The first, potassium, is more of a blood pressure regulator, meaning that it brings blood pressure back to normal if it is too high or too low. Its absence exposes us, and it is found more in certain fruits such as bananas.
  • Magnesium is a real hypotensive agent. In her book Les bienfaits du magnésium, Dr. Kathy Bonan explains that there is an inverse relationship between dietary magnesium intake and blood pressure. The lower the cellular magnesium, the higher the blood pressure and vice versa.
  • Silicon, which completes this trident, acts on the flexibility of arteries. This particularity makes the blood flow more fluid. It is mainly found in cereals such as wheat, oats, barley…

Even if these cereals are mainly imported products, there are a few cultivating countries on the continent. Barley is mainly found in North Africa. Wheat is a little more widespread on the continent with a peak in North African countries (Egypt, Morocco…). As for oats, which are more adapted to temperate climates, they are also grown in many African countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco… 

The diet of a hypertensive person should be deprived of 3 major things: salt, sugar and fat. A person suffering from hypertension can just by correcting his dish, his diet can save himself from a great evil. His new diet should focus on the assimilation of the three trace elements mentioned above namely potassium, magnesium and silicon. They are found in the majority of the following foods.



In the spice family, I call garlic. It is the food best known for its hypotensive role. Recognizable by its odor and its very strong taste, garlic is a very popular spice in African cuisine. Rich in sulfur compounds, garlic is one of the most effective foods for lowering blood pressure. Thanks to its potassium content, garlic eliminates excess cholesterol and thus makes the blood circulation more fluid. In case of high blood pressure, garlic can be eaten raw or sliced on your dishes. Apart from garlic, there are other traditional spice mixtures that we find in our African kitchens.

2-The vegetables 


In general, a light diet is an excellent way to avoid hypertension. And what could be lighter than vegetables? It is recommended to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day for good health. They are divided into two groups: green vegetables and dried vegetables. Among the green vegetables that can lower blood pressure, we find spinach, beet, cabbage,…  These are the leaves that contain more potassium. A tip that will allow you to fully benefit from the nutritional content of these vegetables is to avoid boiling them. In Africa, these vegetables are mainly used to make sauces. However, they can be eaten raw after making sure it is safe.

As for dried vegetables, they have the same qualities as green ones. They are mainly white and red beans and peas.

3- Fruits 


In the fruit category, we find bananas, plantains, avocados and dates They are found almost everywhere on the continent. Just like vegetables, fruits are more effective when eaten fresh. There are several ways to consume them. Either directly after picking, without processing, or in a fruit salad, or in homemade fruit juice. It is important to avoid replacing fruit with industrial fruit juice.

It is obvious that two or three centuries ago, certain diseases were not as widespread. Our food is the first remedy and the first source of some of our ills. You have just discovered some foods that can save a life. Tell us in the comments what other spices, fruits or vegetables have the same effects according to your experiences.

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