What To Do When You Don’t Feel Good About Yourself?



Life is an accumulation of both good and bad periods and seasons. Sometimes we are caught up in a series of dark days out of our will. There are Days when we feel bad about ourselves, when our morale is at its lowest. And in this unfortunate spiral, we are vulnerable. It is in these moments that our life changes. Then what explains this psychological distress? Is it simply a blow of bad luck? How to get out of this situation?


In fact, this feeling of uneasiness is not exclusively glued to a group of people. You too must have had this feeling once in your life. The trigger varies from one person to another. It can come from oneself: a physical complex, a bad grade at school, a financial loss etc. The cause can also come from a relationship with others: a disappointment in love, a harsh appreciation from your boss, a boring routine, a death, insults… Though diverse, these elements lead to a questioning of your own person.


  • COVID-19On a personal level:

a person who is stressed is in a position of vulnerability. This person is both in a state of low self-confidence and self-deprecation. She constantly compares him or herself to others. They lack a sense of personality. She is easily fooled by those around her/him.

  • Professionally:

This person is not quite fruitful enough. Such people are no longer dynamic in their duties. They are afraid to initiate / innovate and make important decisions. They rarely give their opinions on certain subjects.  

  • In society,

Such people avoid socializing with new people. They avoid people they think will make a mockery of them. Some people in these cases try to hide their discomfort behind a large smile. They mimic others by being fake. Such a person sticks to the image of an ideal that may not fit him/her.


  • Getting away from comparing yourself to others is one of the first things to do. Everyone is a unique and different person.
  • You have to break away from your routine. Include small changes in your schedule. Take, for example, a different route than the one you have been taking for the past 3 months.
  • Make small and large changes.
  • Innovate and change.
  • Meet new people who have positive energy -optimistic people. Feelings are communicative, good humor and joy is shared just as much as sadness.
  • It is necessary to protect yourself from the judgment of others by having full confidence in yourself.
  • Having a healthy and varied diet is also advised by doctors in the same way as sport. Sporting activity allows the release of dopamine, the pleasure hormone.
  • Apart from that, engage a process of physical change. It provides a feeling of well-being in one’ s skin. As one can have said “To be well in your skin is to be well in your head”.

Being beautiful and feeling good about yourself is not a simple selfish desire. It is a psychological challenge that must be met. Friendship and personal work are important weapons in this struggle when we know that there is a thin border between depression and suicide.

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