Top 5 Prejudices on Africa



Africa is the continent of the poorest countries in the world. It is divided into two main groups. On one hand, we have white Africa or Maghreb Africa and black Africa on the other hand. Note here that the white people of this continent including Mauritanians, Algerians, Egyptians, just to mention a few do not appreciate being called “Africans”. Why do they refuse being associated to this name? Perhaps because of the prejudices of this continent? I therefore invite you to discover some the prejudices of this continent.

1. Africans are divided people

There are hundreds ethnics groups in Africa. Consider the case of Cameroon, which alone has 240 ethnic groups. We also have the case of Nigeria where there are 250 ethnic groups. The list of the most populous countries in Africa is not exhaustive. Bernard Lugan, a French historian and the author of the book: History of Africa, states: ‘’ethnic determination is a constant in Africa and explains most of the ills from which Africa suffers”. So it is clear that tribal and ethnic diversity is a danger for Africa since most of the conflicts result from these ethnic divisions.

2. Men with sordid mentality

In Africa, the majority is analphabet and although we are in the twenty-first century; some still oppose the alphabetism of girls. This sordid and outdated mentality remains the daily life of some ethnic groups. As they are used to saying:”the position of the woman is the kitchen”. There are 800 million adults in 10 countries around the world and hold on, 9 of those 10 countries are in Africa. Hallucinatory! Illiteracy represents a considerable obstacle to the development of the continent.

3. Polygamists

For Africans, a man has the right and the power to take as many women as he desires so they turn their wives into layers as if giving birth to kids was their only essence. These households are often composed of more than 10 kids. A woman can give birth to 11 children. Polygamy is therefore one of the factors of high birth rate in Africa.

4. Hypocritical men

Some usually boast that Africans are the most solidarists however those who pretend to be solidarist do so either out of interest or to make good impression of themselves. There are ethnic groups that minimize others, because they see themselves superiors to others. You are not considered if you are not part of the same ethnic group as them. You will be given a very remunerative position simply because you are of the same origin as the Boss. Africa, my Africa how hypocritical your sons are.

5. Wilds

Africans are called savages, chimpanzees, beasts, negroes, only with pejoratives terms they are qualified. We are discriminated; belittled, denigrated by whites. We are called barbarians because our men are warriors, we are treated of savages because we are able to kill beasts with bare hands; monkeys because we know how to climb trees; blacks because this very skin color seems abnormal to them and above all, resistant to the sun. Here we are at the end of our adventure in Africa a continent full of myths, morals, cultures, perceived barbaric and which remains the poorest and most denigrated continent in the world. Tell us whether you consent or not the pejorative terms associated with the African continent in your comments.

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