Tips To Sell Your Homemade Products



Congratulations! You are an entrepreneur and you have just brought out your first products. And surely you are wondering how to market these products, your products? This is the question we will answer in a few moment.

Read to the end to make sure you implement each of these ways.

Now let’s get to the core of the matter. You should know that there are several ways to sell your items. Whether it’s candy, baked goods, or anything else, there are various ways to sell. We can separate them into two main parts.

The classical ways 

They concern what we already know. They are the market, a stand, the store, prospecting, etc. For the first tree, it is practically the same principle. You have a place to display your products. The advantage is the location. You have to look for a corner with traffic and that brings you closer to your target customers. Both of these parameters must be taken into account. You can’t want to sell food and open your restaurant across from a cemetery. For example, if you make pastries, it is better to have a stand in front of a school than in front of a police station.

For prospecting, it’s about walking or going door to door with your product. The advantage of this is that you can meet people who do not necessarily have the time to go shopping themselves. On the other hand you can easily run out of stock if you find the right people.

Besides these means, there are new ones based on the same principles.

More modern techniques

These techniques were born thanks to the popularization of the Internet. With the internet we can do everything, even trade. Indeed, the Internet offers us today three good types of trade.

  • The social networks 

  Whether through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, merchants no longer hesitate to advertise their product. It’s a simple and effective way quite used nowadays. You just have to take a picture of your item and post it on one of these networks. When a user sees the post and he is interested in the product, he just has to contact you and that’s it. You will only have to find a delivery service if it is international. You just need to have a good camera and to increase your number of subscribers to have more customers.

  • The ecommerce sites. 

These are websites specialized in online commerce. You have an account on the site which allows you to share your items. It is enough that the Net surfer makes a research of your product in a search engine so that it is directly directed towards your page. It’s like a marketplace but virtual. There are several ecommerce sites, some of which are specialized, others not. The most famous are Amazon, Fnac, le bon coin, eBay,, … Using these sites gives more credibility to your product unlike social networks.


  • The online sales applications

It is also the same principle as the previous one with a slight difference. These applications allow you to expose your item. You download the application of your choice, you create an account and you publish your items. The only drawback is that your articles will only be visible to the users of the application. This is a more restricted way compared to the previous ones.

    The advantage with these new Internet features is the visibility. You can be in your little corner and someone in a far away country can be attracted by your product.

You now have different ways to sell your products. I hope you will find among this lot the one that will suit you best and make you sell a lot.

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