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As Henry Gauthier-Villars said “The future belongs to those who get up early”, but getting up early is not enough, every day some set goals that they can not achieve. There is however a way to fight against this evil and that way is the planning or the optimization of the time. What can be then the strategies or the tools of planifications to adopt to well plan its time?

I. Why optimize your time in a day?

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Manage Your Time Can save You Money

There are many advantages. We can even say that there are only advantages. Do you know that managing your time allows you to :

  • Stay efficient and concentrated.
  • Avoid stress peaks, irritation, or exhaustion at work.
  • Go faster and reach your goals on time.
  • Manage your schedule to be more productive and above all save time.
  • Put aside interruptions that delay the completion of the task

II.  How to efficiently manage your time in a day?

Focus On What Matters

Optimizing your working time is easier said than done, isn’t it? However, it is a crucial step in the achievement of daily objectives. Fortunately, there are good habits to take to achieve this. Let’s take a look at a few points that will help us maximize our daily time.

a-Define priorities

“Most of the time is wasted in not thinking things through.” Alfred Herrhausen

Stop dreaming too much and set priorities. Some of the world’s greats like Peter F. Drucker, who was one of the greatest business managers, advises subdividing your tasks into 3 categories: urgent tasks, secondary tasks, and others.

b-Avoid wasting time

The days are never long enough for one who has to carry out several activities at once. Priorities should be set, you need to be objective and only look at the present tasks. We tend to huddle in procrastination but we must fight and get rid of anything that turns us out in the way of the goal.

c- Learn how to delegate tasks

Let’s take the case of Elon Musk, the famous creator and billionaire of Tesla and SpaceX. This entrepreneur works more than 80 hours a week. He is a master in time management because he has a secret: divide his day into 5 minutes slots. Take his lunch at the same time as his meetings and prefer calls and meetings to have a direct link.

This does not exclude keeping control of operations: delegation does not mean simply handing over certain work. It allows you to sort point out what is the exclusive responsibility of the manager and what can be entrusted to a third party. Use this method for common tasks.

d- Know how to disconnect to save time

According to GOOGLE, the figures for social networks in 2021 show 4.2 billion active users, nearly 54% of the world’s population. Contrary to what one might think, regularly checking and responding to messages is not a sign of productivity. Oppositely, it would rather be a form of procrastination. We can see here how to manage this case: 

  • Check your e-mails only twice a day
  • Sort out the messages you receive: information emails or action emails
  • Close all social network windows.
  • Deactivate notifications on the computer and the phone.
  • Implement the right to disconnect within your teams.
  • Stop unnecessary meetings and reunions

d- Adopt the tomato technique: “Pomodoro” method

The Pomodoro method is a time management technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. This method is based on the use of a timer to respect 25-minute periods called Pomodoro (which means “tomatoes” in Italian).

The principle is based on 3 steps:

  1. 25 minutes of deep concentration (without any interruption).
  2. 5 minutes of break: look up, look at the horizon, get up and go get a glass of water, go see a colleague.
  3. Repeat the cycle 4 times.

e- Manage the unexpected

We often forget that the unexpected is an integral part of our daily lives. A schedule does not allow you to deal with everything. It is therefore advisable to plan a margin equivalent to 10% of your time each day, which will be devoted to managing delays or unforeseen difficulties. As the Count of Belvèze would say “The unexpected is not the impossible: it is a card that is always in the deck.”           

III. The disadvantages of poor time management

  Stress, failure, anxiety, nervousness, aggressiveness  are the results of bad time management.

It’s sad to say that we live in permanent stress nowadays. One of the reasons for this permanent stress is bad time management. There are other reasons, but this is an essential part of our lives. Working on time for those exams, tidying up your apartment, making your home clean. You must surely know the quote “healthy mind in a healthy body”. It means that one must cultivate his moral and physical strength and what better way than to program himself to accomplish this task!

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