The 7 Steps To A Perfect Marriage(Part 3)



Some processes are done. Now you need to step to another level in the accomplishment of your goals. We are running out of time. These are some things not to forget.

Make up your final guest list

This can seem recurring but it’s important to be sure of the coming of your guests.


Select a jeweler, look at a selection of wedding bands. Order your wedding bands and make arrangements for engraving, if any.

Bridal Gown

Select the wedding clothing for your attendants. Set yourself a reminder to check back again (second fittings) about eight weeks before the wedding likewise for your bridesmaids.

The Groom’s outfit

Ask the groom to select and order tuxedos for himself and his groomsmen.

Contact Vendors

Call the wedding professionals and anyone from whom you have ordered supplies and reconfirm your bookings.

Gift Selection

Select gifts for your attendants, ushers, flower girl, ring bearer and parents to thank them after the wedding is done if your budget can allow it. May the Bride, select a wedding gift for the groom and the groom should do the same for the bride.


Make arrangements to find a place to live, if you will be moving according to your preferences and your budget.

Hotel Reservation

Make reservations for guests who are coming from out of town during the wedding ceremony.

Contact a Hairdresser

Find a hairdresser, choose the hair style you like and do a trial run with your veil.

Set the wedding Program

Prepare programs for the wedding with all the details of date and hour then assign to someone to distribute them.

Meeting with the Caterer

Meet with the caterer to set the menu. Choose a menu that most of guests can like. Order a cake at a bakery if the caterer doesn’t supply it.


Arrange your rehearsal and notify those who will participate.

Wedding Gown fitting

It’s important to go for a fitting as earlier as possible to avoid to be surprised the D day. Do the same to your brides and groom’s maids.

Send schedule

Send your event schedule to the vendors for them to get ready and deliver on time.

IV- 2 Months Before

The race continuous. Slowly but surely, the big day is majestically coming. What next to do?

The caterer

Meet or call the caterer in order to confirm the menu, the number of guests and the time to deliver.


Select the music for your ceremony, cocktail hour reception and first dance etc.

Assignment of duties

Distribute schematics, schedule and any other information to your attendants and anyone else who will be participating in your wedding from the beginning to the end and even after the reception.

Photographer and Videographer

Conclude with the photographer and the videographer the exact date of the wedding and all other needs.

Shop for your honeymoon

Go shopping clothes and accessories for your spouse and yourself for the honeymoon. Underwear, things for bathroom, ample clothes for going out moment… for example.

Wedding Gown

Go for a final wedding gown fitting because you may have lost some weight due to errand and fatigue.


Review the playlist with the band or deejay of the event.

V- 1 Month Before

Things are getting clearer. Next month, you will have crossed the celibacy status. What to plan at this level?

Reconfirm all the reservations and accommodations. Check again on clothing for yourself and attendants.


Confirm honeymoon plans. Location, means of transport, number of days you are going to spend, suitcase, money, clothes…


Set up a program for the reception activities.


Write your wedding vows, if you’re doing your own.

VI- 2 Weeks Before

This is the last turn. Are you stressed? It’s normal but relax. Everything will go well and you will feel proud of yourself for planning your wedding. Let’s continue.

  • Hold your rehearsal
  • Pick up your wedding bands
  • Give your caterer the final head count
  • Put the fees and tips in envelopes and give it to whomever you put in charge of making the payments.
  • Arrange with someone to bring items to the wedding venue (cake, knife, toasting glasses, programs, Candles, emergency kit for the bride, etc.) and to take them home.
  • Arrange for someone to return the rentals (tuxedos, chairs, etc.).
  • Pack for your honeymoon.
  • Pick up your wedding gown.

VII- 1-3 Days Before

It’s almost the end. Moreover you are going to have a beautiful wedding and be proud of yourself.

  • Relax and rest
  • Spa day for bride – nails, facials

After Wedding

A sigh of relief! The wedding is at last done. The stress is at level zero. Anything to do again?Enjoy your honeymoon with your darling. Write thank you notes and/or send gifts to the special people who made your wedding “happen.”

Enjoy your happily-ever-after.

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