The 7 Steps to a Perfect Marriage (Part 1)



Congratulations, you are now engaged with someone who will be your life partner, the one who will be your support and your strength, who will help you to stand whenever you fall and many other good things.

However, a big question is needed to be asked. As the proposal has been made and the date chosen, what to do next? Where to start and where to end up? The brain teaser has started. Do not worry at all, I will give you 7 steps you need to pass in order to have a successful event.

From the announcement to the honeymoon every detail will be given to make this event so perfect for you. The process is made month after month. Let’s go!

12-18 Months Before

A lot of thing is needed to be done but we will be going gradually.

Announce the engagement to your families

As soon as you said yes to the proposal, it is obvious to inform your family. In fact, family is the first group of person that must welcome this good news, for they are part of your life. They are those who made the person you are.

Announce the event to close friends and all those you think necessary to be informed

After the family, it will be good to inform people that are trustworthy. Do not forget that marriage is also made to gather your closets friends on the most import day of your life.

Select and book dates for the wedding, engagement party, bridesmaids’ luncheon, rehearsal dinner and any other good feat you will like to make

  • It is necessary to know the exact date when the wedding will be celebrate. Book a date and then inform all family members.
  • Engagement party: it is now time to make things very official
  • Bridesmaids’ luncheon: it is a lunch time in which only brides are invited. At this moment, the brides thanks all the girls and also help them to have fun and know each other better.
  • The “Rehearsal dinnerest” Ii is an American tradition but people are doing the same nowadays. It is about a dinner between only the two families.

Work out a budget and promise yourself to stick to it

Just like a personal budget, you will need to spend money. Love has a price. It is not sufficient to have the desire to get married. You need to spend a bit. In case you can’t make those calculation by yourself, do not forget that you can engage qualified persons for the job.

A wedding planner

As I was saying, you can call for a qualified person “the wedding planner” to help you establish the budget. And also if the planification seems so difficult, you can call a specialist to help you have your dreams wedding.

Decide on the style of wedding you want.

We are getting deeper into your wedding organization. In years 2000, deciding on a wedding style was not current, but today it is so important and practical in order to have a defined and specific way to follow. Rather nature, sequins or fairy…, once the style has been chosen, it is so important even sine qua non to respect and base all your choices on it.

These are some tips to help you find your style:

Get inspiration from fun facts, passions, or may be an event that remember your encounter with your darling. It can also be based on the place where you are going to spend your honeymoon. Be creative and do not let anything at random because unusual ideas are mostly the best for an event.

Make a preliminary guest list.

Some days after the engagement party, the best is to think about people who will bring movements into your event. Family and friends are already your first guests. Others are those among your social circle. Colleagues, acquaintances…

Choose the reception Venue

The reception venue is also very essential. As long as you do not want your guests to be at open air (unless this is your choice, it is also possible and interesting), you need to choose a nice place. You have to read a lot of articles and make calls before finding a place according to your area.

Book a Hotel if you will be outside your main area

Bother yourself to get an adequate hotel in case when you decide to celebrate your wedding outside the city or at a further area.

Make arrangements with the person(s) who will officiate at your wedding.

Your wedding seems to get a shap, but nothing is yet done. There are lot of things to do again. The person who will make official your wedding is almost important. So, bother yourself to choose the priest, the pastor and any other person you think is trustworthy for this particular service.

Book the House of Worship.

 Sometimes, you need to book the church. To be sure that the church will be available on the date you are choosing, make your reservation on time. Do not take anything for granted but make sure you’ve got everything under control in any case.

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