The 7 Steps To A Perfect Marriage (Part 2)



Make a list of vendors such as florist, photographer, DJ, music band and all other vendors you find necessary and who are included into your budget.

Make reservations for vehicles

Talking about marriage is also about the bride and the groom’s car. These are essential to help the bride and the groom move at all ease during the wedding ceremony. In case none of the people around you has any class car for the event, you can choose a rental option.

Make plans for your honeymoon

Never plan your honeymoon at the eve or at the night of the wedding. Everything must be prepared in advance. Think as for now about how much you are going to spend and where to spend the honeymoon.

Select your wedding gown, accessories and associated events clothing

The white dress being the symbol of purity, is the best one for a wedding. Do not choose your dress for the meantime. Because nowadays, wedding are made in such a way that the married couple has to change their outfit. All these factors are to take into account.

Traditional clothing

Only in some countries, the traditional clothing is part of the marriage process. So, do not forget to set his part into the budget and choose the style you like.

Put together directions to be included, as needed, in your invitations card

In case there will be difficulties to find the direction of the venue, it will be better to give indication or even draw the venue map to follow.

Practice the dancing steps

Nobody will like to make fool of himself in front of guests. Then, if you don’t know how to put one foot after the other, the best is to take dancing lessons in order to really be at ease on your day.

II- 9 Months Before the fateful date

Wow, time flies, some months more and it will be the big day. No time to rest, because there are lots of things to do.

Confirm with the members of your wedding party

After sending the announcement to your families and friends, it’s time some weeks after to check whether they will be at the appointment. It is essential in order to adjust your program.

Order invitations, announcements, programs and any other printed materials

Once everything has been confirmed, it is time to order! To make things official with your relatives, it’s okay to send them the wedding invitation card now. Likewise make announcement, and print your childhood photos for example, anything you like is permitted on that day.

Make shopping at several stores, choosing items in a broad range of prices, including china, flatware and other household items

Well ladies! It is time to do concrete things. There is no way to let your guest eat their meal on the table itself. All articles such as plate, fork, spoon, and knife… are just welcome.

Start a list for gifts received and thank you notes sent. Mail thank you notes as soon after receiving a gift as possible

Unfortunately, everybody cannot take part to your wedding. Some of them will be busy with their works and others will decide to help in any way before the D Day. Plan to send thanks notes to show your gratitude to them.

It is very important to buy or in case you are able to make items related to your wedding style by yourself. Ring bearer pillow, money bag, flower girl basket, guest book for instance.

Create a wedding chart/schedule for your wedding day

This will enable guests to follow the progress of activities. At which time will this or that happen, at which time the groom will kiss the bride etc.

Make a wedding toast if you like

Most of time when we are surrounded by our loved ones, the only thing we want to do is to thank them and cherish this moment we are having with them.

Write the bride’s speech

It is appropriate to write a speech, some words that can touch both the public and your husband.

Make arrangements for child care at your ceremony and/or reception

Do not forget our little ones, let’s arrange places for them where they can be safe and where they can have fun too. One or two adults can be there to watch over them during the ceremony.

Create a personal web site

By the precious means of technology, you can directly and easily communicate with your guests. Put some photos, news and others. But if you are not interested in it, you can perfectly do without it.

Order rentals

Tents, portable toilets if necessary, lighting, dance floor to show the wonderful choreography during rehearsal. Everything must be ready.

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