The 05 Richest Woman In Asia In 2022



Women have always held a special place in the global economy. With a good business sense and efficient management, they often brew fortunes that have nothing to envy to those of men. Discover in this article the top 5 richest women in Asia.

According to Forbes, in 2022, out of the 2668 billionaires in the world, there are 327 women, a percentage of 12.25. In Asia, China remains the most represented country on the list. These business leaders have fortunes worth tens of millions of dollars. To become a billionaire, they have invested in several fields of activity with a slight preference for the real estate sector.

1- Yang Huiyan and her family

Yang Huiyan
Yang Huiyan

At 40 years old, Yan Huiyan is the first in this ranking. She is the head of a family fortune estimated at 18.7 billion US dollars. This wealth is acquired through Country Garden Holding, a real estate development company based in Hong Kong. Following her father’s departure from the company, the young woman inherits her father’s 57% share. A peculiarity for this first place, is that it is not actually one person. Indeed, Yan Huiyan is not the sole owner of this fortune, but she is the main guarantor. It should be remembered that she is in the first places of the ranking of the richest women in Asia. Last year, she was ranked seventh in the world.

2- Fan Hongwei

Fan Hongwei
Fan Hongwei

Ranked second, Fan Hongwei’s fortune amounts to 18.2 billion US dollars. This Chinese businesswoman has built her empire in the field of energy. Indeed, Fan Hongwei is the head of Hengli Petrochemical. This company, created in 2002 and present in several Chinese cities, is specialized in the supply of chemical energy.

3- Savitri Jindal

Savitri jindal

First non-Chinese in this ranking. Aged 72, Savitri Jindal has financial resources estimated at 17.7 billion US dollars. This fortune was acquired through the Jindal Group, a company founded by her late husband. After her husband’s death, she inherited the presidency of the company, which specializes in metals and mining. Despite the fact that she shares the company with her 4 children, Savitri has been able to make the most of her share and make it grow. She completely overturns the cliché of the woman who gets rich only through trade.

4- Wu’u Yajun

Wuu Yajun
Wu’u Yajun

Wu’u Yajun is a Chinese billionaire who made her fortune in real estate. She is the director of Longfor Properties a real estate developer based in Hong Kong. She inherited this “golden goose” after her divorce from her husband with whom she co-founded it. Since then, Wu’u Yajun, now 58 years old, is the owner of a fortune of 15.3 billion US dollars.

5- Kwong Siu-hing

Kwong Siu hing
Kwong Siu-hing

We still remain in the real estate sector for this fifth place. Kwong Siu-hing is a great businesswoman and head of the Kwok family. Although she does not directly preside over a real estate company, she has managed to fill the absence of her late husband. Indeed, her husband Kwok Tak-seng is the co-founder of Sung Hung Kai Properties, the largest property developer in Hong Kong. From 2008 to 2011, Kwong Siu-hing chaired the board of directors of the company. Now at 92 years old, his fortune is estimated at US$12.6 billion. Kwong Siu-hing is considered the richest woman in Hong Kong and remains the company’s largest shareholder.

Thus closed the top 5 richest women in Asia. It is worth noting the absence of Zhou Qunfei, a true self-made woman, the founder of Lens Technology only occupies the ninth place in the overall ranking. We can clearly see that women are not only confined to family and traditional tasks. On the contrary, they are interested in the so-called “men’s jobs” and make their fortune in them. Tell us in the comments the job of your dreams that will allow you to count your first billion.

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