The 05 Most Odd Dishes Ever Made In The World

David Kipre


Have you ever tasted crocodile meat or viper meat or even eaten insects? I bet you haven’t. That’ s what I’m going to share with you here and now. Take a deep breath, hold your stomachs and hang on, here are for you 5 (five) most unusual dishes in the world across five continents.

1- The viper sauce, in Cameroon

Ndomba of viper

Let’s start this serie of list with a very unusual dish, you will have already noticed it by the name of the title. The viper in sauce or N’domba of viper. Argh… On the spot I admit that it does not give me too much appetite. But I would not be against a little tasting. Well, let’s get back to the point, this dish is one of the local food of Cameroon referred to as an “adult dish” and its basic ingredient is of course the viper which is most often smoked. This sauce dish is usually served with tubers: cassava, plantain or yam and is flavored with spices or fruits such as wild mango kernels called “Ndo’o”. Note that this meat is forbidden to pregnant women in some regions of Cameroon.

2- Drunken shrimp, in China

Drunken shrimp

Take a step further up the planisphere to Asia, the kingdom of uncommon dishes. From tuna eyes to chicken testicles to stuffed frogs, everything is eaten there. And here we are not far from the ideas we had of the dishes served during the royal dinner in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom . Among hundreds of dishes, the Chinese Drunken Shrimps drew my attention more because of their simplicity in preparation and the comical aspect related to them. You just have to dip live shrimps in strong liquor to make them drunk and “stunned” and eat them raw. It is quite funny and at the same time confusing. But don’t worry they are not always served raw, they are sometimes steamed.  

3- Recipe for elver, in Spain

Recipe of elver

Do you know the elver? I guess so. For those who don’t know the elver or pibale is an alevin of eel which is becoming more and more rare and whose the kilo is around 1000 euros. To put it simply, they are a kind of large worms that are extremely expensive. Spain has made it one of its flagship recipes. The preparation is accompanied by spices such as paprika, garlic and olive oil. The plate costs about 30 € for a 30 grams portion. Which I find a bit exorbitant for a food that has almost no taste.

4- Hormigas Culonas, in Colombia

hormigas culonas recipe

Now it’s time to venture into the vast, tropical climate and varied land of Latin America. This region also has something to say about exotic foods. And for this time, insects are in the spotlight, more precisely the “Hormigas Culonas” (big-bottomed ants) which really deserve their name. Ladies, we have competitors! So, after being stripped of their wings, plunged in salted water and grilled in a pan until they become crispy, they can be eaten. For some, they would be a perfect snack alternative to popcorn and are said to taste like peanuts.

5- Crocodile meat, in Australia

Crocodile meat

And finally, the last continent and the last dish. The crocodile, a very common animal in Australia, is becoming more and more popular because of its whitish flesh, which reminds of both poultry and fish. Crocodile is cooked in stew, marinade, steak or grilled on the barbecue. According to the opinions of some gourmets, the white meat of this reptile is very delicious and full of protein. Who would have ever imagined that this voracious predator would be eatable? They do! Fortunately, they don’t eat it raw, at least I hope so.

Some people will probably be disgusted by some of the dishes shown here, but who are we to judge the culinary traditions of cultures. Feel free to tell us which of these dishes you would like to have the recipe to try or share with us some dishes you found funny.

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