How To Be The Perfect Guest ?



You are young and you are invited to a birthday party, wedding or other… You want to impress your host by being the perfect guest? You are reading the right article. Here are some tips and advice that will make you the perfect guest.

Read to the end to make sure you use each of these tips.

Being the perfect guest has nothing to do with looks or money. It has to do with simple things that anyone can do.

Respond to the invitation

When you are invited to an event, the first thing to do is to send a response to the person who invited you. This response can be positive or negative. You can either decline the request or accept it. In either case, this would allow the host to have an idea of the number of people who will be attending and to prepare accordingly. When accepting the invitation, it is also important to specify if you will be late or not. If you will be late, you should be as specific as possible about the length of the delay.

Once you have confirmed your attendance, it is important to be punctual.

Respecting the time

For many, punctuality is the thing we respect least. For a wedding ceremony, punctuality is a must. Generally, during this kind of ceremony, the guests are arranged around the table according to their importance. It is not appropriate that an individual placed on the first benches is noticed by his delay. On the other hand, when it is a dinner invitation, it is rather advised to come a little late. Indeed, this would allow the host to better prepare and make some adjustments before your arrival. This intentional delay can last up to 5 minutes. In case you are late, you must inform your host in advance by message or call.

Many people wonder if they should come to an invitation empty-handed or not.

Bring back a gift.

 This is not a requirement. For a birthday, wedding or graduation party, it is important to bring a gift for the host. The gift you bring distinguishes you from other guests who came without a gift. It is also an indicator that you will rise in the esteem of your host. For a dinner, you can come with a bottle of wine for example.

Let’s stay in the preparations to talk about clothing.

Dressing appropriately 

The dress code varies according to several aspects. The season, the type of reception, the place of reception, the other guests… are elements to take into account when you are going to dress up. If you are invited to a seminar where big personalities will be, you agree with me that the style of dress would not be the same as for a party with friends on the beach. You have to be able to dress up, and be as simple as possible when the circumstances dictate. At the risk of stealing the show from the host, you should avoid extravagance in your clothing. Nevertheless, the perfect guest should be clean and decent.

After having respected all this, what behaviors should the perfect guest adopt in a party?

Avoid having your phone in your hand every time

The ideal guest is the one who is present. Speaking of presence, it’s not about the physical, but about the spirit. The one who has his nose in his phone all the time, or has to excuse himself every time to take calls is the opposite of the perfect guest.

On the contrary, it’s the one who participates in discussions and games (if any) at parties. Speaking of discussion, not everything can be talked about.

Avoiding divisive topics

One of the characteristics of the perfect guest is their interests. This is a person who must be educated. Thus, she avoids divisive topics such as politics, religion, vaccination against Covid-19, … If one of these topics is inadvertently brought up, he must be able to change the subject directly. He is also someone who should not be boring, hence the importance of having several interests. He must know how to keep his mouth shut when necessary and avoid heavy jokes. Some people are no longer invited to certain parties because they can’t keep their mouth shut.

The perfect guest must observe another essential quality.


He is not the one who should distinguish himself from others by his gluttony. This applies to both food and drink. Just because it’s a free buffet doesn’t mean you have to go three or four rounds. Even if it’s a party, a time of merriment, the perfect guest should always consume alcohol in moderation. Indeed, keeping sober helps to avoid scandals at parties. Whatever happens, the perfect guest should be able to stand on his own two feet when he leaves. That’s no reason not to eat at a party either.

At the end of a party, some guests take the liberty of going home with a souvenir of the party. Unless it’s a gift from your host, the perfect guest should not indulge in this practice. It is not the guest’s place to insist on it either.

You now have some tips that will help you stand out from the other guests. I hope that by following them, you will be the one who is thought of first during the invitation distribution. That is, the perfect guest.

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