Highlight Of Unusual Facts Of The Year 2021



All around the world, every year we witness a lot of unusual remarkable facts which are in newspapers’ headline. The year 2021 was not deprived of it. In almost every realm, we register more than 15 unusual facts. Some are funny, other sad or even choking. This article will point out four of those facts of 2021.

1- A Young Mother Gave A Diabolical Name To Her Little Son

Josie Devon a 27 years old mother revealed in Jeremy Vine Show that she chose to call her little son Lucifer, relate Entrenous. This woman native of Playmouth in the United Kingdom said that she was not inspired by anything particular “I checked lots of names’ books, and I like uncommon names. I do not like normal ones’” she explained. As for her, she thought of having a baby girl so, she chose to call her Narnia, but she discovered that it is a baby boy, so she called him Lucifer. Furthermore, this woman with a unique personality has already given a very long name to her six years old daughter. She called her Talayla-May Barbara Elaine Kayleigh Kelsey Jade.

2- An Italian Gave Cocaine To HIS Child Instead Of A Laxative

The national police destroyed packets of cocaine before any incineration of illegal drug in Panama’s city on 1st April 2016. (Reuters) The Italian Justice service has opened an investigation while an Italian gave a diluted cocaine in a cup of water to his 5 years old daughter instead of a laxative and a diuretic; news reported. The little girl was intoxicated during the Christmas’ eve at Ravenne (east-north),was admitted to emergency at Bologna, where she is safe, according to the Italian agency “Ansa”. The emergency service has been alerted because the father was worried about his child’s health state. Ravenne’s parquet opened an investigation. While searching in the house, investigators found cocaine residues.

3- After 4 Months Missing, A Dog Was Found Alive Under Snow

UNBELIEVABLE. Russ went missing during a small town evacuation in California, devastated by a huge fire. Russ, black coat pit bull dog went missing in august 2021, after being separated from his master during a huge forest fire in California (United State). But as The San Francisco chronicle reported it, he has been found alive under 1.50 meters of snow in December.

3.1 – Identified by a skier

The last 16th of December, a dog was found in mountains by a skier who called TLC 4 Furry Friend & Tahoe PAWS, animal’s protection local service. Two of its volunteer Leona Allen and Elsa Gaule decided to go for the animal rescue.

4 – Thanks to his microchip which help found him

After hours walking in coldness and in such difficult conditions, the two women finally found the dog frozen in the snow. A black coat pit bull dog that they quickly wrapped up into covers. After putting him on a rescue sled, the two rescuers got down very carefully and drove the dog to a veterinary surgeon. Thanks to him and to the microchip insert in one of the dog’s ears that help to identify him. Against all odds, it was Russ who was missing 4 months earlier. He had since, found his family.

5- In A City Of Uganda, Women Are Forbidden To Sit At The Front In Public Transports

In a city of Uganda women are no more allowed to sit at the front in public cars. “Women can no more sit at the front in public trucks”. Announced, an association of traders in the north of Uganda. The members said that the short skirt and necked thigh distract drivers and cause accidents.

Drivers’ spouses are concerned

This prohibition take effect immediately and even drivers’ spouses will not get the right to travel with them by their side, declared Patrick OPIO OBOTE, president of the association of street vendor of Lira. This professional organization gather vendors that move from one market to the other and use trucks to carry their goods. Mr OBOTE precise that the decision has been taken after analyzing the cause of accidents of road in that region and that some women go to lounge and drink alcohol with drivers and also because of excess speed and lack of discipline. That decision came some days after the occurring of an accident the 10th of January at Lira in which 10 traders were dead and 20 others injured.

Well, these are some unusual facts of 2021. Which one are you more interested in?

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