Hair Extensions Could Lead To The Cause Of Hair Loss



Do you have short, thick, curly hair or is it not suitable for the style you would like to have for an epic evening or for a whole trimester? One of the most popular solutions is the use of hair extensions. From Britney Spears to Zendaya or even Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande to the Kardashians; all have chosen extensions. But be careful, it is very important to reach an ideal in terms of beauty, however the use of these extensions is not without risks for your hair. Why? and how? You would be well surprised!

1- Hair extensions would lead to hair loss

It’s true, if you use them too often or wear them for too long (more than 5 months), they cause permanent damage to the scalp and make it more brittle, leading to alopecia (pure and simple loss of hair). Thus, dermatologists and hair specialists strongly advise against this practice.

To quote only Dr. Abimelec, a dermatologist and hair expert: “These extensions fixed with keratin damage the hair structure”.

But, on the other hand, other opinion on the harmlessness of hair extensions, especially those with keratin.

Among them we have Hervé N’gom, founder of the Parisian salon Amaryllis and specialist in the setting of extensions who according to him assures that if the setting is made by a professional in the domain, it is without risk and blame those experienced hairdressers who claim their know-how and apply themselves badly during the procedures.

And according to Great Lengths, the world’s safest brand of hair extensions, advocates keratin-based attachments over anything else. Indeed, the cold one based on vegetable glue is the safest and the least aggressive for your hair.

You may wonder: “what about other types of extensions other than keratin fixation? those made with clips or braids”.

2- Is there an alternative to traditional extensions?

Yes I understand this issue is quite legitimate. I admit, to make it short, I would not advise the first one (clip in extensions) and it is not me who is saying it, it is the specialists.

According to our dermatologist Dr. Abimelec, this type of extension, like the previous one, has its own set of problems, especially because of the synthetic nature of the extensions, which, after a given time following the setting, could lead you to use scissors and, at the same time, affect your hair when cutting since they will become intertwined with one another.

Nevertheless, concerning the third type, it has far less defects unlike its peers and therefore has far more advantages. Starting with the fact that it does not require any chemical product, that it damages the hair less than its peers. However its only concern is that it prevents the hair from breathing at the level of the braid.

All this is very annoying, you who wanted to make a more extraordinary cut, you are now constrained. The advice that we can give you from all the analyses that we have conducted so far is to opt for “occasional braids of extensions and especially very flexible” which are recommended by Dr. Abimelec. And if you still want to try the conventional method, that is to say the one with keratin, I suggest you do it with natural permanent hair glued with cold keratin and maintained every morning and evening with brushes and natural shampoo and all this under the expertise of a professional. Even if it’s expensive, it’s better than having nothing left on your head, unless you want to look like Demi Moore in GI Jane.

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