The 4 Steps Recipe Of The “Thieboudienne”

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The recipe of today is known on the African continent more towards West Africa because it is often served in the parties and other ceremonies. You will be able to have the perfect recipe to spend a good party.

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  1. Sheep meat
  2. Okra
  3. Parsley
  4. Zucchini
  5. Eggplant
  6. Seasoning
  7. Carrot
  8. Cabbage
  9. Mustard
  10. Green onion
  11. Zucchini
  12. Adjovant
  13. Mustard
  14. Oil
  15. 1/2 spoonful of salt
  16. 3 cloves of garlic
  17. 5 glasses of rice bowl
  18. 5 green chilies
  19. Forks
  20. 5 Tomatoes


Step 1: Start by cleaning and cutting up your meat, which you will put aside.

Then, put in a blender: sliced green onion, parsley, garlic, pepper, 2 green peppers, salt, chicken seasoning cube.

Step 1
Mixe ingredients

Blend the mixture in such a way that it does not become too mushy.

Step 2: Once everything has been mixed, take the meat that you have cut up and brush it with the paste that you have obtained during the mixing.

Mixed Fry Meat
Mixed & Fry Meat

Fry it in hot oil to keep the taste during the cooking.

Once ready, put the meat aside and move on to the preparation of the RICE.


Step 3: Once the meat is well grilled, use the grilling oil to start preparing your dish.

the meat is well grilled
The meat is well grilled

Mix your tomatoes, then let it fry for 5 MINUTES. Add water and then all the vegetables one by one, starting with the eggplants, then the carrots and finally the meat, without forgetting the adjovant (if you don’t find any it’s not serious). Then add your seasoning, and let it boil.

Cooking the vegetable
Cooking the vegetable

Check the cooking of the vegetables.

If they are finally cooked, remove them and the meat, because the water will be used to prepare the rice.

Put just a little of the sauce aside to accompany the vegetables.

side vegetable rice
Vegetable & Rice

You are almost there!

Step 4: Add 5 glasses of rice to the sauce after washing of course.


Let it cook and once ready, you can serve and enjoy.

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