4 Pro Tips for Men’s Evening Wear



Being a lot classy in the evening in all authenticity is not only a good ticket to new and quite trendy relationships but also a way to build confidence and give yourself a good personal value. For those who choose the first T-shirt that comes along and for those who take all the time to choose a presentable outfit forgetting the punctuality, this article goes back to the golden tips to be the most visible of a party in all possible simplicity.

1- The evening out at the local bar

Often less stressful, this type of evening is often done in a relaxing context and is scheduled, for the most part, with friends or colleagues after a long day of work. You don’t have to respect any dress code, a casual look will be appropriate, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers will do very well. In itself, it is a combination that works given the place and the type of evening. The goal is to make sure that you are comfortable enough to enjoy your evening.

In fact, a T-shirt without any advertising would be much desired because it does not reveal your origin or your profession thus encouraging any new acquaintance.

But if you feel like it, you can swap the T-shirt for an oversized shirt and switch the sneakers for loafers, for a more worked look. This is more responsible and more favorable for parties in non-popular bars or big hotels.

2- The evening out in an apartment

Another case that we have all been confronted with, the famous apartment party, at an acquaintance’s, a friend’s or sometimes even a beautiful stranger’s place. And if your first reflex is to get out the classic jeans and T-shirt, get a grip, this type of party can be much more surprising than it seems. It’s an opportunity to meet new people and you’ll only have one chance to make a good first impression.

For people who don’t pay much attention to their clothing style, a polo shirt over jeans on a Nike Aire-Force-One would be quite classy and would give a very responsible image. The polo shirt can however be replaced by a sweater whose color differs from that of the skin. A velvet sweater would give more quality to the style.

To do better, a patterned shirt over jeans with a black leather boot is still a better option for the evening. The choice of the patterned shirt should be done basically with the color of skin or hair. A white or light skin can make a black suit while a black skin has a suitability with a white shirt with patterns of an altered color (mostly coffee).

3- The Clubbing Night Out

After a long week of deadlines, meetings, classes and stress, you’re ready for a wild night out at the club. But how can you enter a club with confidence? While there are some basic tips that everyone can follow, there are specific details that men need to think about when getting ready to go out to a club.

Try to tailor your clothes to match the style of the club. If you’re going to a more casual club, open your collar or choose jeans instead of pants. But if you’re going to a hipper club, dress more formally. When in doubt, look up the club on the Internet and check out their usual dress code. Here are some ideas on what to wear.

– A nice tailored button-down shirt. Avoid golf shirts or generic shirts that you wear to work (stripes, checks, blue “meeting” shirts). And don’t forget to tuck your shirt into your pants

– Jeans that fit. Big jeans were in style in the 90s and that’s not a compliment. Choose a nice pair of jeans that fit you well and will hug your body shape, rather than jeans that will hang ridiculously.

– A pair of loafers or Oxford shoes. Look for shoes made of patent leather, but avoid pointy shoes or shoes with square toes, as these styles are not considered “fashionable.”

– Avoid athletic wear or shoes. While not all clubs have a very formal dress code, in most clubs, bouncers will not let you through if you are wearing athletic shoes or clothing. So leave your workout clothes at home.

While black is generally considered the safe and sophisticated option, dare to use other colors instead of black.  Clubs are usually filled with black lights that can show dandruff, dust, etc. on black.

Blue and dark gray are good alternatives to black and they hide sweat stains very well.

4- A date night


A date is the opportunity to dress up. Nothing is more satisfying than to see that the person you love thinks you are beautiful!

Indeed, everything depends on the place of your dinner.

If the meal takes place at your place, everything is allowed. It’s up to you to decide if you want to make a little effort compared to your daily routine or bring out your best outfit.

If you are dining out, the style of restaurant you are going to will determine how sophisticated your outfit needs to be, but generally speaking, let your first thought be on a nice, well-ironed shirt.

If you want to make your dressy communication quite remarkable, make the choice of a suit made to measure or to your size and respecting your body. Pay special attention to your shoes: choose dress shoes, moccasins or a pair of boots whose color or composition is identical to your belt.

All in all, you’ve got the essentials for any night out, so it’s up to you to pull out all the stops.

As a bonus, even if there is a dress code for each place, one formula remains fundamental and important for all parties : don’t forget the 3 golden rules, Adaptation, Ease and Authenticity.

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