5 Ways That Lead You To Become An Elegance Lady



What is the best way to behave as a lady? Let’s try to answer it together. Although the term “lady” seems old-fashioned and outdated, it fits perfectly with the new and rising generation of women who want to become ladies. This new generation follows the same rules manners. In order to learn what it takes to be a real lady, keep track along this guide.

Being a lady means showing class, elegance and good manners.


Class is elegance of spirit, manner, speech, and dress. Class comes from within woman’s sense of herself, her confidence, self-awareness and graciousness. It is expressed through her attitude and her manners, and it extends to a distinct sense of style.

There is nothing as classy and refined as humility. A lady always acknowledges others when they achieve their own success. She also knows when to back off and give others the personal space they need. While it’s fine to announce a promotion or mention an award, it’s never a good idea to gloat or make someone else feel inferior. In the words of an incredible lady:

 “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”   Margaret Thatcher.


A lady has good manners and mostly follows the rules of etiquette (Rules that define what is expected, allowed or forbidden in certain situations, dictate the obligations of each towards the social hierarchy and between men and women). Importantly, she also knows when to break them.

Knowing the rules of etiquette and manners makes a woman more confident and at ease in society. The one who is confident and steady is so much more attractive than the one who is not sure how to act in a certain situation.


A lady minds her appearance and dresses elegantly and appropriately. Making the effort to dress elegantly and to be well groomed is a mark of respect.

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.” Tom Ford

Dressing elegantly means dressing appropriately for the occasion, but also for your body type, and for your age, whilst still being stylish and fashionable. And dressing for your age or body type should never mean giving up on style and the latest trends, frumpiness is to be avoided!

Everyone can have her own personal style, but a lady is never vulgar despite her unique clothing identity. A lady wants to be noticed not for her extravagance but for her elegance and refinement. The BLING is to be banished.

A lady can be chic and sexy by revealing a beautiful part of her body – but preferably only one at a time: a very low cut in the back, bare shoulders, a thigh high slit skirt, delicate strappy sandals… A lady will hope to be noticed for her elegance and refinement rather than for her extravagance.


A lady who is confident, has a sense of humor and shows a little irreverence is irresistible. Rather than blend in with the crowd, stand out, for all the right reasons. Instead of going with the flow, create it. In a difficult situation, a lady’s greatest weapons are tact, wit and humor. She will avoid exploding or falling back on passive-aggressive recriminations.


Every woman, every lady, can stand to improve something about herself. Being aware of your shortcomings helps you relate to people. A lady has self-awareness, wisdom and inner strength. As her confidence comes from within, she doesn’t need validation from others; nevertheless, she will always try to act respectfully and in good taste and not embarrass herself or others.

A lady is interested in the opinions and experiences of others. The expression “Be beautiful and shut up” does not apply to a lady: she is eloquent and can lead a proper debate.

Where once being a lady often meant relying on men, today’s woman can be a lady while making her own decisions and taking control of her own life. All within the bounds of decency.


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