5 tricks on a Good YouTube Video



When we have a difficulty or a problem to solve, the first idea we have today is to do an internet search. And one of the first sources of results is Google’s social video network; that is, YouTube. Despite the abundance of answers and their possible reliability, it is sometimes dangerous to trust the tips of YouTube. Nevertheless, there are a few things that can help you find your way.

The comments

The tips and advice given in a YouTube video have certainly already been practiced by several people. The comments allow you to quickly judge the accuracy before you even start watching the video. In the face of a misleading video, the comments can be very violent. There are also cases where the tip given is not valid in all cases. For example, software that does not work on all versions of an operating system or a beauty product that is only usable by an ethnic minority. In the case where the tip does work, some users will take a little time to testify to it. But even then, there will be a comment or two that will be derogatory. That’s why you have to be careful with videos that have only positive observations or comments that look alike. It could be a work of the author of the video to deceive the opinions.

“Like” and “Dislike” buttons

They are even less used than comments in many cases. In general, a video that has more thumbs down (dislike button) than thumbs up is to be avoided. When people don’t like YouTube videos, they tend to simply not watch them until the end. When a user takes the trouble to put a thumbs down button, it means that they find the video not just useless but harmful. Nevertheless, the “dislike” button can also be a way of attacking a content creator’s work. According to several sources, YouTube is thinking about removing this button. Many smaller creators are reportedly being targeted in an effort to increase their “dislikes” numbers. But until it is removed, it remains a good indicator of the veracity or usefulness of the video content.

Repetition of the information in the video

Check if the information published in the video is repeated on other sites or by other channels. An example. If you are looking for a tip about ‘’How to fly like a bird ‘’, when you find some YouTube videos talking about it, you can try and type this same sentence in a search engine to notice the repetitions of the tip. This tip is especially important if the video is old. When a tip works, it is usually repeated several times. The repeats will be in many different forms, but it is something to consider.

The authority of the person giving the tip


The authority of the person giving the tip should also be considered. That is, the experience or knowledge of the person. For example, we imagine a YouTube channel that always comes back on top of the searches, that has a certain number of subscribers and that talks about the same subject for years. Such a channel has gained the confidence to be able to express itself with freely. Looked at another way, such a channel will not destroy its hard-earned credibility with one tip. It will do its best to provide trustworthy tips and information. A newly born channel is not in the same case. However, you can also give a glance for the new channels most of time are trying to be up to date while giving their tips.

The ultimate way to find out: try

Despite the appearances, the comments or the authority of the YouTube channel, it is clear that it is difficult to decide without trying. There are real-life cases where tips that didn’t work for many work for one person. This can be due to situations and parameters to be studied on a case by case basis. There is still one sure way to know if a tip is the right one: try it. Especially in cases where the trial costs you negligible things, go ahead without batting an eyelid.

Have you ever tried a trick that turned out to be misleading? Since then, how do you detect fraud? Feel free to tell us in comments.

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