5 Tips To Get Your First Apartment At 20 Years Old. 



Taking your first apartment is a situation that you have to face at some point. Choosing an apartment at 20, such a young age, is a real challenge. It’s not just about having an apartment; it’s about having one that will be much more than a roof over your head. I give you 5 tips that will allow you to acquire the apartment that suits you.

Taking an apartment can be done in several steps. The first box to fill in your approach is the reason. “Why do I want to leave my family home at 20?” The answer is mostly higher education. The job, the career choice (case of artists) are also reasons for wanting to move.

After having answered the “Why?” the question “How to choose?”. To manage to make the right choice, you need to follow these 5 essential tips that I give you.


Choose a neighborhood close to your university or workplace.

 This choice will allow you to reduce transportation costs. About 6% of our monthly budget is spent on transportation. By choosing proximity, transportation money can be used to cover other priorities. For example, paying electric bills, water bills, …

Choose a quiet, peaceful neighborhood.

The neighborhood should not be known for crime. Rapes, robberies, drug trafficking… should not be the mottos of the neighborhood where you will be staying. It is important to know that the environment in which we live affects our vision of life. The search for tranquility goes as far as the preservation of natural disasters. There are some cities that suffer from flooding during rainy periods. Others are regularly hit by cyclones and typhoons. These cities should be avoided as much as possible.

Choose an apartment that you can afford.

first home expenses
First Home

This applies to both finances and size. For a young person and for a first time, you should look for the minimum. A set of kitchen, bathroom and dormitory is sufficient. This is a T1 apartment. This apartment has a surface of 32m2. In France, the cost of renting varies depending on whether the apartment is furnished or not. A furnished T1 is estimated at 709€ and the unfurnished T1 at 671€. Despite a difference of 38€, the furnished apartment is a good choice. The larger the surface area of the apartment, the higher the price. The rental price of an apartment also depends on its location. Indeed, a T1 in the city center does not have the same value as a T1 in the suburbs. Below the T1 you can also rent a studio of 9m2.

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In case you have a preference for a larger surface, you can:

Opt for the collocation

This is a way that you should consider for your first experience. Living with one or two other people is a real asset. Indeed, sharing a flat allows you to share the rent, water and electricity bills. Apart from the financial aspect, it has a social advantage. It allows you to make new friends. If you move in with a co-worker, you can make new friends. However, the preference of young people is in home ownership. When asked, “How do you feel about owning a home?42% of 18-24 year olds say it is important. Having a property at one’s disposal is synonymous with wealth. The real estate market is very profitable nowadays and young people have understood this.

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When choosing your first apartment, don’t forget your parents.

Choose an apartment not too far from the parents.

This last point is to be relativized. Your first apartment should not be too far from the family home. Even if you are leaving the family cocoon, it is best not to go too far away. It can be at most half a day’s drive away. This would make it easier to visit. In case of emergency, the parents can arrive in time and vice versa. Nevertheless, when the two homes are too close, the insistent visits become exhausting.

With these 5 tips, the apartment lot at your disposal is limited to the elite. These guidelines that I have given you are valid for all those who are looking for a new apartment. I hope that these tips will help you to choose the ideal apartment.

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