5 Best Nigerian Movies You must Watch On Netflix



Netflix is a drawer that contains series, movies as interesting as each other. Today we won’t talk about the TV movie about Georgina Rodriguez, CR7‘s girlfriend, or the documentary about Neymar. No, we are talking about African cinema, about Nolywood. If you are a fan of Nigerian film, historical film, drama, humor, power… Here for your greatest happiness, 5 best nolywood movies on Netflix.

The big industry of African cinema that is Nolywood is no longer to present. The Nigerian cinema is modernizing and the scenarios are diversifying. It is no longer just the witchcraft movies that traumatized us all our childhood, I think in particular of the billionaire’s club“. This top 5 that I propose you is not exhaustive. Let’s start.

1- Amina


Released in 2021, this film inspired by real events tells the story of the warrior princess Amina. Princess of the kingdom of Zazzau, Amina is a young girl passionate about the handling of weapons. We are in the 16th century when the young girl discovers through the oracle that she is the only hope of her kingdom. She will take up arms to fulfill her destiny. Between rage, courage, tears, drama and love, Lucy Ameh as Amina will make you live this Nigerian peplum.



Let’s stay with royalty and princesses to present you the movie Unroyal. This movie revolves around a princess, arrogant and disrespectful who slaps more than she says hello. Her execrable behavior makes her suitors flee one after the other. Following an accident, she lives under the influence of a guardian played by Imeh Bishop Umoh. With an XXL cast, Pete Edochie, Mathilda Lambert, Ik Ogbonna, the director Moses Inwang, lifts the veil on the hidden face of some royalties.



For this masterpiece, the director Kunle Afolayan is inspired by real events. It is the story of a young, bright and dreamy student who will experience a drama that will change her life. At university, she is sexually harassed and raped by one of her professors. The young girl Moremie , played by Temi Otedola, decides to defend herself and sues her aggressor. This film of 2 hours and 31 minutes is a mirror of the reality of several young girls. It is also a way to sensitize these victims of sexual assault to the liberation of the word. Thanks to its focus, this feature film is already a hit with moviegoers.

4-Day of destiny 

Day Of Destiny

“If you have the chance to change your life, wouldn’t you?”. It’s hard to say that this is my favorite since I like the other films on this list just as much. The particularity of Nolywood cinema is to deal with social problems. The director decides here to break the codes and proposes this fiction of 1 h 49 minutes. It is the story of two brothers from a modest family. After the unexpected meeting of an atypical individual, their life changes. The two brothers travel back in time. 20 years in the past to change their current life, such is the goal of their mission. Will they succeed? I let you discover it.

5-Finding a Hubby 

Finding a Hubby
Finding a Hubby

We close this list with a romantic comedy with a very current focus. These are the adventures of Oyin Clegg, a young woman in her thirties with a well-paying job who lacks nothing. Except for one thing, a man, a husband. Worried about her situation as her age advances and annoyed by the pressure of her mother, she decides to undertake the search for her prince charming. Determined, to prove that she can find her man, the young woman does not resign on the means. Discover through the journey of Ade Laoye alias Oyin Clegg, the life of several young women from all over the world.

I hope you will enjoy this short list in front of your screen. For those who are looking for thrills, occultism, I recommend “Living in bondage” the first and second part. And you tell us what is your top 3 favorite nolywood movies in the comments.

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