3 Testimonies Of Fathers Who Experienced The Birth Of Their Child

David Kipre


Who doesn’t dream of having a partner and then children running around the house, sometimes giving you headaches! Without getting too far ahead of myself, I would say that just about everyone does. You first have to go through what childbirth is. A step that is difficult for women, but also for men. Let’s take a look at the testimonies of these men who have experienced this event.

1- Paul’s testimony:


In the program DOCTISSIMO MAMAN on youtube we could see one of these fathers who experienced the birth of his daughter. Here is his testimony:

 “Zoë woke up around two in the morning,” says Paul. “She said she was having contractions and felt that this was the big day.  At first she told me not to worry. But after a while, she asked me to get up and go with her to the hospital. I called a cab, and when I got in, Zoë stared at me for a long time, and then she said, “This is our time. I remember feeling very flattered, before realizing that no matter what I did, Zoe would be fighting alone tonight, so I had to do my best to support her.  As we entered the delivery room a chill ran down my spine. It was a fully equipped room, with several professionals everywhere. An operating room, and I remember imagining the worst… And yet nothing was. The delivery happened very quickly, in just a few minutes. Zoë told me afterwards about the horror of the pain of the contractions. She told me that for her, it had lasted forever, but that, like me, she had been relieved just by seeing our baby. For me, it was a positively magical experience.       

2- Pierre’s testimony:


In the second part, we will see Pierre who was interviewed on the set of «THE HOUSE OF THE MATERNALS»

 “During the crisis of the covid, Aurore discovered that she was pregnant. I was not very happy during the first months, because I had a bad feeling about the arrival of what turned out to be twins. It was only around the fifth month that, after discussing it with my wife, I understood that my apprehension came first from the fact that the twinship of our children did not allow us to do the prenatal biopsies necessary to discover possible genetic diseases, but also from the fear of seeing my children evolve between confinements and vaccines. Then, what I feared happened: We both caught covid. The delivery was a nightmare: She was in a coma. The disease had manifested itself in its severe form in Aurore, so she had to be delivered prematurely in an emergency, while she had been placed in an artificial coma. My covid test had just come back negative when I ran to the hospital. I took in my two daughters alone, while my wife was still unconscious. The doctors were able to wake her up about 12 hours after our children were born. When she came to, my wife smiled at me, put her arms around the babies I had just placed on her chest, and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears…”

3- Thierry’s testimony:


This testimony particularly affected us because after having given life Emilie, Thierry’s wife died.

In the program “ça commence aujourd’huiThierry told us his story.

Emilie had no real problems during her pregnancy. Although she was in fragile health, it was a period that she lived rather well, despite some back pain and frequent mood swings. Then, once she was full term, my wife told me she was having contractions and we went to the hospital. After several hours of labor, at about 7:00 pm, Emilie gave birth to our first and only daughter. We stayed in the hospital a little longer because my wife was feeling weak, but a few hours after the birth, Emilie developed a fever. I tried to straighten her out, thinking that maybe lying down wasn’t for her, but as I moved her pelvis back, I realized that she was losing a lot of blood. I ran to the doctor who had been following her and said, “This is not good. He tried to reassure me that it was just the feel of the morphine. As I lifted Emily’s top, I could see her belly, which had turned completely purple.  The gynecologist told me that this was also due to the morphine, and that when his partner arrived, he would come in to do more tests. A few dozen minutes later, the anesthesiologist came to find my wife asleep, then yelled to the midwife, “Give me a needle fast!” Then, he drew her blood, and admonished the lady about my wife’s veins being dry, then, everything went very quickly. The medical team could do nothing, and Emilie died in the morning. My world was falling apart; I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. The hardest thing is not only Emilie’s departure, but the fact that I will now have to raise her child, our child, the daughter I always wanted, but especially that I will now be forced to protect alone, because my wife died due to medical negligence.”

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