04 Unusual Things That Happened In The World In February 2022

David Kipre


1- The rare date or the palindrome of the century: Tuesday 22/02/2022

Tuesday 22 February 2022 is not a day like any other. Indeed, it is a palindrome date, derived from the eponymous figure of speech. What is a palindrome? Simply a word or a set of words that read the same, whether they are read from left to right or vice versa. For example, the words “kayak”, “sexes”, “radar” . They can be read in both directions.

But a date can also be a palindrome. This 22/02/2022 can thus be read backwards, it will remain the same.

This is quite a rare event in the calendar since the last palindrome date was 02/02/2020 and before that you had to go back 909 years to 11/11/1111 to be able to read the date both ways. There is very little chance that you will still be alive the next time this happens since it will be 12/12/2121.

In addition to being a palindrome, this February 22 date is also an ambigram, meaning it can also be read backwards. To get an ambigram, you need to use the right font or calligraphy and write the date of 22/02/2022 in digital numbers.

2- Passengers in chorus to comfort a child

Besides airsickness, the noise of a crying or recalcitrant child has always been cited as the second most common problem that has bothered passengers on the same flight.

In late February, on a flight from Dubai to Tirana, Albania, a child started crying and quickly became inconsolable.

While the boy was crying in his father’s arms, the passengers sang the well-known children’s song Baby Shark.

Rather than just sitting in silence during the six-hour flight, others on the plane decided to do their best to cheer him up, performing the famous children’s song. “First, the people sitting around him tried to distract him but when nothing worked, a group of guys started singing Baby Shark and more people joined in,” had shared Parikshit Balochi, a radio host in Dubai, who posted the video on Tik Tok.

A strategy that paid off as we see on the sequence the child stop crying and look at the passengers improvised singers. Since its broadcast, the video has been seen more than 7 million times.

3- A New Zealand soccer player scores three own goals in one half

A complicated match, to say the least. During the match between New Zealand and the United States on Sunday, February 20, for the second day of the She Believes, a friendly tournament, New Zealand defender Meikayla Moore made a sad illustration. The Liverpool player scored three own goals in 40 minutes.

Her ordeal started in the 5th minute with a right footed shot into her own net before, just one minute later, a deflection of the head which deceived her goalkeeper. Finally, in the 36th minute, an involuntary left-footed shot crucified her team. Right foot, head and left foot, a perfect hat trick.

Meikayla Moore was taken out in the 40th minute and was comforted at length by her teammates. In the end, the Americans won by a score of 5-0. Undefeated in 64 matches in all competitions at home, the USA can still win the She Believes Cup. But they will have to beat Iceland in the third and final game of the tournament on Tuesday, February 22.

4- A tooth is growing in his nose!

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, indicates, as reported by L’Indépendant, that American doctors have discovered that a tooth had grown in the nose of a man who suffered from nasal congestion and shortness of breath, for years. The 38-year-old patient had consulted a specialist in New York for persistent difficulty breathing through his right nostril. The results of a battery of tests diagnosed him with a deviated and perforated septum and a bony obstruction.

Intrigued, specialists inserted a small camera into his nose, and discovered a “white, hard, painless mass”… It was a tooth!

The tooth had grown in the nasal septum of the thirty-year-old. This is a rare phenomenon called an ectopic tooth. The doctors extracted the tooth which measured 14 millimeters. The operation went well, and after a 3-month follow-up, “the patient’s nasal obstruction symptoms had disappeared.

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