04 Unusual Facts About March 2022

David Kipre


The world, despite its war preparations, is still a pretty amazing place. From rapping policemen to rock blasting to rocket debris falling on people, we can find everything on our beautiful blue planet. Without further ado we will start the list of the 4 unusual facts of March 2022.

I. USA: Police officers lipSync celine dion

Do you know lipSync? It is still called lip sync. It is in fact the synchronization of lip movements but also the lyrics of a song for example. It’s a bit like being at a concert. Well, that’s what police officers from the Southington Police Department in Connecticut did. They came up with the idea of lipSyncing Celine Dion’s popular song, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now, with a choreography that has gone viral thanks to the power of social media.

The Department will say on Facebook, “Our goal is to expand our community to social media.

II. USA: Unwanted birthday party at $450,000

For most people, a birthday party is a magical moment shared with friends and family. But apparently not for everyone. Kevin Berling, who is an employee of Gravity Diagnostic in Washington State, got a surprise from his company for his birthday. This surprise was not well taken by the latter who says he warned his superior that this day reminded him of the day of his parents’ divorce and therefore did not want to celebrate it. After the surprise, he said he got back into his car and had a panic attack. The next day, during a meeting, he reprimanded his superior. Concerned about the security of the company, Kevin Berling was fired. Outraged by his dismissal, b sued his company and obtained a sum of  $450,000 in compensation. The company will appeal this decision.

III. india: rocket debris falls on the population

In the west of India, in Masharashtra, a spherical object and a metal ring fell in the field of villagers of the locality who were preparing a community festival. Imagine the fear of these people when burning objects landed in their fields. According to witnesses, everyone ran to the safety of their homes for a while before coming to see the damage. An official from the Space Research Organization (ISRO) said the time of arrival of the objects coincided with the time of entry of debris from a Chinese rocket into the Earth’s atmosphere.

IV. France: Two climbers climb Montparnasse tower in support of Ukraine

Everyone is affected in some way by what is happening in Ukraine. Whether it is economic, financial or even relational, the world is changing. Many nations are supporting Ukraine. This is causing strong reactions on the internet from billions of people like these two people we are going to talk about.

Two young people named Leo Urban and Alexis Landot climbed the Montparnasse Tower in Paris on March 7 without materials. “It takes courage to do such a thing” you may say. Indeed it is this courage that the two young people aged 21 and 28 wanted to show. This courage which is used by the Ukrainian people to fight against the Russian advance.  “It represents maybe 1% of the courage that Ukrainians are showing at the moment”, says Leo Urbain. He says that the funds raised by their climb on Teepee will be transferred to the Ukrainians

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