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Even if we have a difference of proportion next to the level of pollution that the city generally knows, the causes remain the same.

The cities of the Middle East are big centers of air pollution. At the end of this year 2021, it is New Delhi which is in a chaotic situation. The level of pollution has reached a record forcing the government to stop all activity in the city.

Causes known to all

New Delhi air pollution post
New Delhi air pollution is bad

The city of New Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Coal pollution, the dumping of thermal power plants, factories, vehicles, and construction work are factors that maintain pollution in the Indian capital. The air pollution of the city is even more obvious in winter. Indeed, the atmospheric pressure brings dust from neighboring countries such as Pakistan, China and Afghanistan which are not new to pollution.  In addition to these factors, there are festivities that involve the entire Indian population such as Divali. Celebrated between October and November, this festival lasts almost 5 days with firecrackers and fireworks that contribute to the pollution of the city.

The Indian capital is ranked first most polluted city according to a report of the organization IQAIR in 2020. According to the same organization, about 17,500 Indians will die because of air pollution.

This time, the situation is very worrying. The Prime Minister Narendra MODI has been forced to announce emergency measures.

The decisions of the Indian government

  Decreed a first time on November 13th, the Indian government announced this Tuesday November 16th the closing of the schools. A decision that shows the level of degradation of the air in Delhi.

Major elements of pollution in the city, heavy trucks have also been stopped. This decision does not concern trucks carrying essential goods.

The government has also announced a halt to all work in the city. The thermal power plants in the city have also stopped working.  Citizens are asked to stay at home and move around as little as possible. The dust fog is so thick that it is not possible to see clearly within 50 cm.

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