Quebec Is Recruiting: Second Part

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Quebec Is Recruiting


Congratulations, you have created your Arrima account. Now it will allow you to be in contact with the Ministry of Quebec. If you are successful and accepted, you will receive the information in this ARRIMA mailbox.

Let’s talk about the programs!

  Arrima is for :

  • ● individuals who wish to immigrate permanently or temporarily under one of the following programs:
    • ○ Regular Skilled Worker Program
    • ○ Quebec Experience Program
    • ○ Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs
    • ○ Foreign Student Program (transmission of documents only)
  • ● Individuals who wish to benefit from the services of Accompagnement Québec.
  • ● to spokespersons of groups of 2 to 5 people who wish to sponsor a foreign national refugee in the Refugee Abroad Program (Group Sponsorship).
  • ● Quebec businesses, for the use of the Employer Portal.
  • ● to immigration representatives.



This program allows you to come and work in Canada, more precisely in Quebec. Do not forget that ARRIMA is only for Quebec.

The steps to follow :

  • ● Fill out a declaration of interest to immigrate to Quebec
  • ● Invitation to submit an application for permanent selection
  • ● Submit an application for permanent selection
  • ● Review of the application for permanent selection

For more information click here

  1. I. Declaration of interest

Just go to create a new file

Allez juste sur créer un nouveau dossier
create a new file

the page should look like this

Follow Step
Follow Step

Click and fill in your document and submit it. This document is strictly personal.

  1. II. Permanent selection request

This is a document that you can find through this link


Once done, you will put it in your file on ARRIMA which will be studied. The returns will be sent to you as well.

2-Quebec Experience Program – Application for Permanent Selection

The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) allows the selection of qualified workers who wish to settle in Quebec on a permanent basis. This program is intended for Quebec graduates and temporary foreign workers who have a good knowledge of spoken French. Applicants must have acquired work experience in Quebec and be employed at the time of application.

We are not really interested in this case because you must be in Quebec to apply. On the other hand you can have more information by clicking here

3-for students

If you are an international student who has applied for a Temporary Study Permit, you will normally be required to submit the following

online application for student
online application for student

After completing and submitting an online application, you must submit supporting documents. The Arrima platform allows you to submit these supporting documents electronically. Please note that you must have paid your fees online to proceed with the next steps.    

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