Macron Wins The Elections Once More Again

David Kipre


This is it, it is for real Emmanuel Macron has just been elected for a second term as President of the French Republic, so he becomes the first French President to serve a second term since the establishment of the five-year term. This is a big win for the young president, who has faced a lot of criticism over the past five years. Mr. Macron has promised to continue his work to make France a major force on the world stage and modernize it. He will also seek to heal the divisions that were created by the election campaign.

We will reconsider the wishes expressed by the French people throughout this campaign and revisit briefly the action plan of the winner of the elections.

1-Problems faced by the French that need to be resolved

a-The economy:

The first step for Emmanuel Macron is to increase the value of the purchasing ability of the French people, who have seen it decline due to the inflation caused by the war in Ukraine and the fallout from the Covid pandemic.

b-The health:

Obviously, health is also at the heart of the concerns of the French, including the issue of access to care in addition to the lack of medical services which affects more and more French people living in remote areas but also in cities.

c-The immigration:

A central theme that several times has been raised throughout the campaign. Immigration has always been associated with delinquency and therefore would bring insecurity according to the great majority of French people. What will be the fate of immigrants?

d-The climate:

One of the challenges of the moment will also be to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases with the global warming that more and more increasing, the multiplication of the heat wave and the floods. The question of ecology is still being debated.

c-Work, employment and retirement:

Even though unemployment has dropped 07% in recent years. Work, employment. These themes are of great importance for the French and especially for young people. This is why Emmanuel Macron based his entire campaign on these themes. Let’s not forget also the question of retirement which remains also an imperative.

2. Emmanuel Macron’s solution

The incumbent president has been elected for a second term and here is what he will do for the next five years. Even before applying his projects, he wished that in case of re-election, which is now the case, Jean Castex would remain prime minister because according to him “continuity must be ensured”. But for the moment he has not yet expressed himself on the subject. Regarding:

– Purchasing power, President Macron said that “The best way to gain purchasing power is to reduce unemployment” while promising full employment by the end of his five-year term. For him, this is the main answer to concerns about purchasing power. And to achieve this, the president proposes a tax break for companies that pay a bonus for employees earning up to 3 SMIC, currently capped at 2,000 euros, which can now reach 6,000 euros. On the issue of retirement, he intends to set the retirement age between 62 and 65 years with a set minimum pension of 1,100 euros.

– Health, the president emphasizes well-defined objectives which are: the decline of lack of medical services, the “continued rescue” of the hospital and prevention. In the first place Emmanuel Macron wants to introduce a fourth year of internship for general practitioners in areas facing the problem of the medical decline and then to appoint “a pharmacist or nurse referent on a health territory” for “a prescription renewal or very simple things to do” and for the second point he plans to launch a general recruitment of nurses and caregivers.

– The climate, this time we can say that he is committed ecologically by planning first of all to increase the ecological malus on the most polluting cars and to grant loans at zero rate so that the families with low means have the possibility of being able to buy an electric car. Apart from that, he promises to set up 50 wind farms at the same time he plans to build six EPR reactors by 2050.

– The immigration, Emmanuel Macron plans to deport foreigners who disturb public order or to make long-term residence permits conditional on passing a French test.

Once again, this is a huge victory for Macron and his team, which is sure to send shock waves through the French political landscape. The hardest part for him is yet to come, as he will be facing a divided population, a significant part of which would have voted for him by default. As a result of the legislative battle that will begin in May, two-thirds of French people do not want him to obtain a majority in the National Assembly.

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