In these countries, citizens are obliged to be vaccinated



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The title of this article is about being forced to be vaccinated, and the thoughts are already led to the coronavirus vaccination. This is the result of the pandemic’s turmoil around the world and the media for more than a year already. The vaccines have raised suspicions in several people. These are mainly due to the short period of their manufacture. Despite suspicions and doubts, some countries have decided to make vaccines mandatory to counter the pandemic.

Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Vatican

Strictly only these three countries in the world have made vaccination compulsory for all adult inhabitants. In Central Asia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are vaccinating their inhabitants. In the West, the smallest country in the world, already on February 8 made vaccination compulsory by a note. The employees and all the inhabitants of the Vatican were therefore obliged to be vaccinated. In theory, the penalties for offenders go as far as dismissal.

In Europe

The country that hosts the Vatican, Italy, is the first country in the world to make vaccination virtually compulsory; by using the “health pass”. The only alternative is to perform three paid negative tests each week. The country has now reached 80% vaccination coverage for those over 12 years old. The decision is understandable when you consider that the Covid has killed more than 130,000 people in this country, traumatic.

In these countries, hospital and retirement home staff are required to be vaccinated for patient safety:

  • France
  • Greece
  • The United Kingdom
  • Hungary

In Africa and elsewhere in the world

In most African countries, the vaccine is not compulsory. However, many activities are subject to the presentation of the “health pass”. In Gabon, the PCR test will become mandatory from December 15 to access public spaces. A test that will cost 20,000 FCFA (about $ 35). In Togo, the government has decided that entry into administrative buildings will be subject to the presentation of a “vaccine pass” in the capital. After a reservation expressed by the constitutional court, the opinion was extended to the whole country. Similar decisions are being tested in the rest of Africa.

Elsewhere, in the United States or Australia, companies can require their employees to provide proof that they have been vaccinated. In France or Saudi Arabia, the use of the “sanitary pass” is widespread. Soon, if the trend continues, herd immunity is expected to be achieved in several countries.


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