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It is advantageous, it helps living without fear in the United States. The green card is a permanent resident card in the USA.


Green Card
Green Card

The green card is an identification document issued by the American Citizenship and Immigration Service. It gives its holder the right to reside permanently in the United States and to carry out a professional activity while it is valid.  It gives its holder the same rights and duties as an American citizen and will allow him/her to live an easy expatriate life. Unfortunately, this card does not give the right to vote.

 There are several ways to obtain the green card, but the easiest way to obtain it is by lottery.


With the lottery, about 50 thousand people get the green card worldwide every year. The lottery is organized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services during the month of October. It requires two steps.


To participate in the lottery, you must first be eligible. You must be from a country that is on the list of states whose citizens are eligible. You must also have high school diploma or, failing that, have held a position with two years of professional experience in the last five years.

Be born in an eligible country.

The Green Card lottery is reserved for people born in countries that are less represented in the USA. Eligibility is therefore determined by the country of birth (not residence). The list of ineligible countries established by the U.S. government may vary from year to year.

Here is the list of countries not eligible for the Green Card

  • Bangladesh,
  • Brazil,
  • Canada,
  • Colombia,
  • Dominican Republic,
  • El Salvador,
  • Guatemala,
  • Haiti,
  • Honduras,
  • India,
  • Jamaica,
  • Mexico,
  • Nigeria,
  • Pakistan,
  • Philippines,
  • Vietnam,
  • the People’s Republic of China (including Hong Kong SAR),
  • United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories,


The first step is to fill out a free online form on the official website which only takes five minutes. You just have to fill in a questionnaire and send a photo of at most six months old in the indicated format. Once the form is validated, there are no more changes to be made. You must therefore take care to fill out the form correctly.

How to fill out the form?

The first thing you need to know about filling out the DV Lottery form is that the registration form is only available during the interval of the DV Lottery program registration date. Outside of this time frame, you cannot fill out the form.

DS 550

To apply for the DV Lottery program, first of all, you have to go to the registration form and type the code you see in the picture. This is a system to make sure you are a human. Fill it in and click on the submit button. After verifying that you are not a robot, you will be presented with the electronic form DS-5501, the application form for the DV Lottery contest.

It is now a question of filling each section according to the rules of the contest. The explanations of each section are detailed in the rest of this post.


The first section to fill out is the applicant’s name. There are three boxes to fill in

  • Last/Family name: e.g.: Mbungu
  • First name: e.g., Joseph
  • Middle name: The middle name can be a little complicated since, officially, we speak of the middle name; literally, it is the name between the name and the first name. In our case, it is equivalent to the post name.


In section 2, there is the gender of the applicant, commonly referred to as sex. You have either

  1. Male: To say male, man, or boy
  2. Female: To say Feminine, Woman, or Girl

Just check or mark the box for your gender.


In section n°3, you must fill in the candidate’s date of birth. There are three fields to fill in.

  • Month: The month you were born. You should write the number of the month between 01 and 12. If you were born in July, you would write 07
  • Day: The day you were born in two digits between 01 and 31.
  • Year: This is the year you were born. E.g., 1996

City Where You Were Born

Section n°4 asks for the city where you were born (birth city). As mentioned, do not enter the district, country, province, or state. If you don’t know your birth city, mark below Birth City Unknown.

Country Where You Were Born

In section n°5, you should select the country where you were born through the drop-down list. Note that this is different from your living country.

Country of Eligibility for the DV Program

It is possible that your country of birth is different from your current country and that your current country is not eligible for the competition. If so, the question “Are you claiming eligibility based on the country where you were born?” asks if you are suitable according to your country of birth.

If yes, which is mostly the case, do not touch anything and go to the next section. If not, you can only be eligible in two cases:

  • If your wife’s country is eligible, you can use that country
  • If the country of one of your parents is eligible.


Fill out the passport consists of completing (Option A):

  1. The name, post name, and surname that is in the passport
  2. The identification number
  3. Its expiration date
  4. The country that issued it

Since DV 2021, the passport in the DV Lottery application form has become mandatory. However, the passport is not compulsory (Option B):

  • If the applicant does not have a nationality
  • If the applicant is a national of a country controlled by the communist and unable to obtain a passport from his government.
  • If it is impossible for the applicant to obtain a passport and has received an individual waiver of passport requirement by the Secretary of Homeland Security or the Secretary of State.

Do not check Section B if you are not eligible for any of the three choices provided. You will be disqualified in the long run during screening.

Entrant Photograph

In section n°7, you must submit your photo and Just click on “choose new photo” to select a photo. Learn more about the photo. A good photo increases the chances of being selected.

Mailing Address

In section n°8, seven fields should be filled in, two of which are optional.

  • In the care of: Your holder… (this is optional information)
  • Address line 1: Your postal address. (n°, avenue, district, commune for those of the DRC for example).
  • Address line: Your second postal address (optional.)
  • City/Town: This is the city
  • District/County/Province/State:
  • Postal code/Zip code: This is the postal code, if there is none, mark No Postal Code / Zip Code
  • Country: The country where you currently live in today

Country Where You Live Today

In section n°9, select your current country, the country where you live now.

Phone number & E-mail address

Section n°10 and 11 ask respectively for the phone number, which is optional, and the e-mail address.

Please make an effort to provide a valid e-mail address as it is with this e-mail address that you can try to retrieve your confirmation number in case you forgot it.

What is the highest level of education you have achieved as of today?

The question in this section is about your current level of education.

  •  Primary school only
  • High school, no degree
  • High School degree: High school diploma
  • Vocational School
  • Some University Courses: Undergraduate studies, no degree
  • University Degree: Undergraduate degree
  • Some Graduate Level Courses
  • Master’s Degree
  • Some Doctorate Level Courses
  • Doctorate Degree

What is your current marital status?

In this section, you should select your marital status. Are you married? Single? Divorced? This is the place to mention.

However, being in a relationship does not necessarily mean that you are married. The married one is the person who has a marriage certificate delivered by the state.

Don’t mention your girlfriend or fiancée with the idea that you are getting married soon. Get married before you mention her or put single. You can add her later if you are selected.

Number of Children

Fill in the number of children you have. If you don’t have any children, enter 0 or leave it blank. If the accepted number of children is positive, clicking in the next section, you will be asked after clicking on the continuous button for each child; you will have to fill in all the sections, including the photos.

How do I know if I’ve been selected?

Registration for the lottery takes place for one month in the Fall (Autumn), usually from October to November. The following year, once the random selection of winners is completed and the date is known, it is up to you to check the results to see if you have won. The U.S. government does not communicate directly with winners.

Where to Check Green Card Lottery Results?

To check if you have been selected or not, you have to go to the official DV Lottery website, usually at the very beginning of May every year.

Note that during the first few days, the servers may become overheated. Be patient and try again later on.

There are four steps to the verification process:

  • “Confirmation Number”: Enter the registration confirmation number assigned to you during registration. If you no longer have it, click on “Forgot Confirmation Number.”
  • “Last/Family Name”: Enter your last name
  • “Year of Birth”: Enter your birth year (4 digits)
  • “Authentication”: For security reasons, enter the characters that appear in the image.

 Once you have completed these four steps, all you have to do is take a deep breath and click on the “Submit” button.


 After you have received your results, there are several things you must do to finalize your visa application:

  1. Once the verification is done, you will have what is called a case number. It will be on your page where the verification will be done. It is crucial because, without it, the rest of the steps cannot be pursued
  1. Verification of the diploma or personal experience. You must have at least a high school degree or have a certificate of professional training in the field in which you are.
  1.  Fill out a document called DS260 with your case number. It is a pretty extensive document that will take you hours to complete. But take the time to do it well because once done and sent, there will be no way to go back.
  1. Don’t forget to print the confirmation page and present yourself at the interview at the US embassy in your country.

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